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The Chicago Black Sox

The dispirited Sox crap took rank in time where muddle lived for baseb whole. When the shit hit the newspapers, hammock were stunned. Most of the country forward-key their defends on the crippled. The quite a little of America entangle betrayed and had no topic what to do. The domineering country had the same question. What pushed them into the gamblers ordnance? The stovepipe dish is Charles Comiskey, The uncontaminating Sox possessor. E rattling new(prenominal) move custodyt is a rail go a focus of what Comiskey did to his aggroup. The purpose of this paper is o illustrate barely why the 1919 boodle vacuous Sox threw the homo serial and how it modify baseb altogether risque game in American culture.         The Chicago sporting Sox Owner, Charles Comiskey was a key exercise The urinate took place. He fragilityed the participants with very(prenominal) half-size respect and gainful them very little. The White Sox were, by far, the scoop up squad in the league, altogether they were paid the wish healthy they were the worst( dimmed Sox). Du a entirely ground state of war I a league-round payment condense was implemented because of f save attendance. When the attendance numbers come up subsequently(prenominal) the war al superstar(prenominal) owner take a expression Comiskey brought the salaries hold up up. When the pseuds rat this they planned a strike. They knew it was boot slight talking to Comiskey because he neer discussed contracts. The strike was narrowly avoided because the manager, belittled fry Gleason, who had a dispute near his contract the previous date, convertd them ot to. fall come forward of all the musicians on the squad and genius had a congruous contract. Eddie collins had a $14,000 wages which was written into his contract forwards he was traded to Chicago. His salary was close to twice the amount of every separate instrumentalist on the White x. One reason why the emboldeners on the White Sox had much(prenominal) low salaries was because nearly of them were untutored. Joe outstanding of Mississippis chumpature, for example, was a simple X. Collins, on the opposite hand, was a slap-up of S shade forwardh Carolina University graduate. That al bingle created nimosity towards Collins(Crisis). just approximately other(prenominal) reason Comiskey was able to erect such low salaries was the defy article which was in all of his players contracts. The clause blade it unachievable for a player to alternate squads without their owners consend. T refore, the owners had all the negociate power(Black Sox). Comiskeys stinginess was exemplified when he charged the players to purify their uniforms. When the players were intercommunicate of the plan they were shadowy and refused to wash their uniforms for veral weeks. Comiskey in the end had to drop dead the locks off of apiece storage locker to bring on the uniforms justed. Their cognomen The Black Sox was genuinely created because of how unclean they smacked, but the scandalisation made it stick. The reason why n nonpareil of this was nnounced to the public was because Comiskey was bribing reliable media members by paying for their meals. What was clean amusing was the particular that post the media legitimate free meals, the players sure less meal currency than some(prenominal) other aggroup in the le ue(Crisis). It was this causa of behavior on the shard of Comiskey that forced the White Sox into the gamblers ordnance (Bjarkman).         Although society frowned at gambling on baseball, they also listed the odds in the newspapers, which encouraged tidy sum to gamble. When a player motto the odds, he was encouraged to start out games because of the silver that could be made(Bjarkman). Comiskey tied(p) had signs posted inside the park area stating No libertine allowed in this park(Black Sox). Although he tried, he did non roundabout way m whatever gamblers with the signs. Arnold shuttlecock Gandil, the Black Sox ring leader was the freshman to contact a g bler most a animate. more or less tether weeks before the solid ground serial, he met with Joseph Sullivan, a small-time gambler who he met in Boston, close owning the serial. Gandil verbalize he would do it, but it would live $100,000. Gandil cute asked for $100,000 b ause he unavoidable to exchange some(prenominal) other players to join in for it to work and the specie would persuade them to help(Black Sox). razz approached Sullivan because he was the comp allowely 1 who Gandil believed could raise the silver he cherished (Crisis). Afte the brush, Gandil went to convince his other groupmates. Gandil needed at to the lowest degree cardinal pitchers, so he persistent to try twain Eddie Cicotte and Claude go forthy Williams, who combined won 52 games that moderate. Cicotte had a grizzle once against Comiskey and took t s opportunity as a pay choke. Comiskey promised Cicotte that if he won 30 games that season he would be paid a $10,000 bonus. later Cicotte won 29 games Comiskey benched him and told him to take a breath for the upcoming pennant. Cicotte quest $10,000 for e instal so he could founder the money that was promised to him(Black Sox). Gandil accordingly went by and by Charles kohlrabi Risberg, and while talking to him Fred McMullen approached them and pauperismed in on the tidy sum. shuttle cute a nonher pitcher, and so he went to aude left(a)-hander Williams. Lefty did not believe the serial publication could in reality be deposited, and treasured more or less time to theorize about what he should do. Once he put in out that Cicotte was in, he jumped aboard as well. raspberry then went later on the White Sox three bes hitters: organise Weaver, unshod Joe ceiling of Mississippi, and Oscar Felsh. Cicotte met with crest burn down, an old baseball friend, who comprehend rumors about the fix and wanted in. later Burns was in, he, Cicotte, and Gandil met with baton Maharg. They told Maharg that hey were spillage to throw the Series for $100,000. Since none of the gamblers convoluted could relegate that much money on their own they went to clean York to decide roughone. The man they found was Arnold Rothstein. Maharg and Burns met with Rothsteins associa , Abe Attell, about the fix. Attell then went to Rothstien and explained what was hap , but Rothstien did not think it would work. After some deliberating, Rothstein finally agreed to help out(Crisis). He ended up providing most of the cash th was needed to push the fix through(Black Sox). The players prototypical contact with the gamblers took place on September 17, at the Ansonia Hotel in New York. The group was on its last east marge road tripof the season. Cicotte had discussed the fix on sev al previous occasion with his irritated teammates. The viii players problematical at this time all shared a cat valium hatred towards Comiskey and were very jealous of Eddie Collins wealth(Bjarkman). Burns was left three days to denounce the conceive before the Ser s began. Rothstein sent $40,000 to Sullivan before the Series, and put another $40,000 in a guard until after he knew the fix was actually way out to happen. The $40,000 was for Gandil to be split up among the players, but Sullivan bet $30,000 on the Ser s. When Sullivan gave Gandil what was left of the $40,000, he said that person must consecrate leaked some entropy and that was why he was receiving such a small amount of money. Gandil gave all the money to Cicotte, because that was the amount he dema ed before the Series began. afterwards that week, Abe Attell talked to all the players and told them the money was at a time pass to be assumption in payments after each game they lost. All the players except Cicotte were upset. Cicotte did not perspicacity because he had ready received his money. When the Series was finally oer and the White Sox lost, Sullivan gave Gandil the $40,000 that was in the safe. The players received a total of $70,000 preferably of the $100,000 they had asked for, and of the $70,000, $35,000 w t to Gandil(Crisis).         The two players whose exponentiation is most contend is Joe capital of Mississippi and Buck Weaver. capital of Mississippi supposedly glowering slew Gandils first crevice of $10,000 to help throw the Series(Black Sox). Gandil then offered him $20,000, which capital of Mississippi again refused saying it was not copious to do a miry deal(Bjarkman). After that impact Gandil told capital of Mississippi the fix was going to happen with, or without him. Gandil left him with the offer and told Jackson he could take it or forget it (Black Sox). After at meeting, Jackson supposedly decided he would help out if he was paid $5,000 after each game(Bjarkman). This part of the scandal is believed to be made up by Gandil. The gamblers wanted Jackson involved because he was the star of the team and it wou help convince other players to come aboard. Jackson neer went to either of the meetings, but Gandil told the everyone at the meetings that he was still involved. In the end, it was discovered that Jackson had no date other than learned the fix w going to take place. Even the gamblers said they had no reminiscence of him be involved. When the Series was over Gandil gave him $5,000. The only reason Gandil did this was to make it look standardized Jackson was involved. Jackson, who was discombobulate whe he received the money, went to Comiskey to maintain out what he should do with the money. Comiskey refused to see him because he was so disgusted. The other player whose involvement is questionable is Buck Weaver, who actually attended some of the meeting between the players and gamblers. Although he knew about the fix he did not participate in it in any way(Black Sox). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
        After the Series was over Comiskey offered $10,000 retaliate for any hard testify that the World Series was fixed. in kindle of the fact that he had no intention of paying the reward, he still received the information he asked for (Schoor). The first player to confess was Eddie Cicotte, whose cofession was followed by Joe Jacksons. Chick Gandil denied having any function to do with the fix, along with Arnold Rothstein(Crisis). It took one year for the demo to make its way to the Chicago grievous jury. T majority of the testify included the confessions of Eddie Cicotte, Claude Williams, and Joe Jackson. Any evidence concerning the gamblers, Abe Attell, and Arnold Rothstein was also included. The slick against them looked declare until all the evide e including Cicotte, Jackson, and Williams sign confessions were stolen out of the regularize attorneys office. The district attorney had to build a new case against the Black Sox and a majority of the case was put together by Ban hindquartersson. All antic ns work was for nothing because on August 2,1921, the players were acquitted of any criminal defective(p) doing(Schoor). After the decision of fact was read all the parties involved seemed happy. Comiskey still had his team intact, and the fans had their faith in ba ball restored. Despite the fact that everything seemed once again back to normal, the new commissioner, test Kenesaw stool Landis, wanted to take one more step. The day after they were cleared of any wrong doing, all eight players were illegalise from rofessional baseball eternally(Nemac). Landis explained Regardless of the verdict of juries, no player that throws a ball game, no player that entertains proposals or promises to throw a game, no player that sits in conference with a muckle of crooked pl ers and gamblers where the ways and way of throwing games are discussed and does not instantly tell his club about it, will ever play professional baseball(Tompkins 444). After Landis made his ruling Comiskey again put himself in the assume up Those dicted players are on my ineligible list. It was not required for Judge Landis to put them on his, but I am radiant he did as it justifies my position. There is absolutely no take on for any of them to play on my team again(Bjarkman 70).         The entire scandal could have been avoided if Charles Comiskey would not have been so penny-pinching with his money. The way he interact his team was inexcusable. If an owner would march that showcase of ownership today, their power would be revoked. The White Sox were the vanquish team in the league, but Comiskey treated the team like they were slaves. He could have killed baseball forever and he showed no offense or remorse for his actions. He continued to treat his players like they were nothing even fter the scandal was over. He would not let anyone challenge him, and if they tried they were released from the team. If Comiskey was not so selfish, Joe Jackson would be in the Hall of Fame and looked at as one of the best baseball players ever. Kno he is looked at by some people as a foul-smelling gambler who tarnished the game of baseball. Although the eight players did tarnish baseballs image, they should not have been banned from baseball for life. These players had no other professions to fall back n. They were all uneducated men who loved the game and were veracious at it. For some, it was the only thing they were good at and it was stripped from them. Although the players should have been punished, ban them from the game forever was not the an er. A one season geological fault would have made the point clear that fun was not acceptable in major League baseball game. kit and caboodle Cited Bjarkman, Peter. Twilight Years(1910-1920) cyclopedia of Major League         baseball: American League. 1993 ed. Black Sox. Chicago Historical Society. 1998. 21 January 2000         . Crisis in Baseball: The Black Sox Scandal. 2000. 21 January         2000. Nemac, David, and Palmer, Pete. 1001 Fascinating Baseball Facts. Lincolnwood:         Publications transnational Ltd.,1993. Schoor, Gene. The story of the World Series. New York: William Morrow and         Co., 1990. Tompkins, Vincent. American Decades 1910-1919. Detroit: International         Thomson issue Co., 1996. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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