Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Industry Research

The airline patience has been around for sometime now . This manufacture continues to grow despite the setbacks it suffered during changes in the economy where each one-on-one airline company operatesBecause of this constancy growth , the tractileity of tag on and imply is affected consistently . Accordingly , in the get around decade , air traveling has grown by 7 per division . Travel for both business and leisure purposes grew potently worldwide . Scheduled airlines carried 1 .5 billion passengers last form . In the leisure market , the availability of large aircraft much(prenominal) as the Boeing 747 made it convenient and affordable for people to travel further to new and exotic destinations (adg .stanford .eduHowever , the unthinkable happened on family 11 , 2001 when airplanes were hijacked and jam into buildi ngs that caused the deaths of hundreds of lives . This event effectuated a change in world comprehension towards the airline industry . This similarly caused a major shake up in the price elasticity of preparation and engageA decline in the inquire for airline benefits all at erstwhile resulted from this event because of fears that this episode might happen again Passengers became awake of riding in airplanes . Thus , when the contract for the service became lesser , the prices went fling off . Therefore , the price elasticity of demand is considered elastic because when the prices went down , it reflected a sudden decline of demand also . This change in the elasticity could be explained also by the change in customer preference of service they opted for , as substitutes , land and sea transportation services with the public opinion that these argon much safer .
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Yet , the airline service is stilled considered a fate because people choose to use it when an important bespeak arisesAs the prices went down , the industry lowered its supply of services such(prenominal) as the lowering of the number of flights daily , so as not to result in excess of service supply which way additional cost in expenses This action of the industry suggests that the price elasticity of supply is elastic , because it responded to the changes in pricesAppendix BAnnotated BibliographyWeek ______________Article or weave site referencesThe Airline Industry [webpage] (2006 . HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /adg .stanford .edu /aa241 /intro /airlineindustry .html http /adg .stanford .edu /aa241 /intro /airlineindustry .htmlDate accessed : 30 adjoin 2007Elasticity (2006 . HYPERLINK http / entanglement .sparknotes .com steel .sparknotes .com [webpage]http / vane .sparknotes .com /economics / little /elasticity /section1 .htmlDate accessed : 30 walk 2007Summary of Article or WebsiteElasticity refers to the degree of responsiveness in HYPERLINK javascript :ScrollingPopup http /www .sparknotes .com /economics / little /el asticity / cost /term_21 .html 20 58a90a72e2 20 500 20 500 supply or HYPERLINK javascript :ScrollingPopup http /www .sparknotes .com /economics /micro /el asticity / call /term_3 .html 20 3ab6188a3a 20 500 20 500 demand in relation to changes in price . If a burn is more HYPERLINK javascript :ScrollingPopup http /www .sparknotes .com /economics /micro /el asticity /terms /term_5 .html 20 9a96b92c87 20 500 20 500 elastic , then small-minded changes in price will cause large changes in quantity...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCus tomPaper.com

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