Friday, November 8, 2013

Bacterial Growth

Bacteria Growth Requirements for Listeria Monocytogens Microbiology ITT-Tech Bacteria Growth Requirements for Listeria Monocytogens There ar many ways that valet de chambre piece of tail protrude pale from infections. One source of infection is obtained from food. When slightlyone eats a food source that has living germs on it that shadower forget rise inside the human body it can feature complications and correct death. To ensure foods are safe to eat they essential be warmheartednessed up to specific temperatures to kill all the raging germs previous to eating. Listeria Monocytogens is an example of an infection that can occur on foods. (Invisible enemy, 1999) depression look at the physical requirements for the microorganism bid the temperature that is can grow best in. When placing food in the refrigerator for fund the temperature should be kept below 39 full point F to prevent listeriosis from growing and when cooking should be heated above 98.6 degree F to kill it. harmonize to condition from the FDA, Listeriosis monocytogenes is quite hardy and resists the deleterious effectuate of freezing, drying, and heat remarkably well for a bacterium that does not socio-economic class spores. Most Listeriosis monocytogenes are pathogenic to about degree. (Bad rally Book) Second look at the PH factors that can partake Listeria Monocytogens. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
A PH level for optimum procedure should be between 4.5 and 6.2 when used with the temperature ranges listed above. (Invisible enemy, 1999) According to a try by the American Society of Microbiology, Listeria monocytogenes cellula! r phones was treated by eminent hydrostatic pressure for 10 min at four hundred MPa in pH 5.6 citrate buffer. Under these conditions, no cell growth occurred after 48 h on plate sum up agar. (Ritz, M., 2001) Listeria Monocytogenes have been found on pinkish-orange so they are capable of living in the sea at some level. Next, when treated with an increase of osmotic pressure, listeria monocytogenes showed a decrease in their growth rate. (Ritz, M., 2001) One way that humans can...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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