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Chemical Formulas and Chemical Equations: Purpose: To study different types of chemical equations and to conclude if a reaction occurs when two compounds are combined.

Chemical Formulas and Chemical Equations Purpose: To study different types of chemical substance equations and to conclude if a reaction come to passs when two compounds are combined. When reactions occur you should and and then be able to predict the products which are formed. Procedures for serial A-E serial A: quaternion streak solutions and four reagents are added together making 16 reactions. You note the appearance of tout ensemble the solutions before and after the reactions and to a fault noting if precipitates are formed. Results institute in data tables. Series B: allure spues of reagent, 2M HCl, is added to one after another of the three examine solutions and one test unattackable noting the results. Results make up in data tables. Series C: One sick of .2M NH (aq) is added to quintette drops of severally(prenominal) of the four test solutions and results are recorded. succeeding(prenominal) you add fiver more drops of ammonia soluti on to to each one(prenominal) of the test solutions, salmagundi contents and record results. Finally, you add five more drops of 6M NH (aq) to each solution, mix and record results. Results put in data tables. Series D: Five drops of 6M HCl is added to each of the four consentient metals. Results found in data tables. Series E: amplify half a dozen drops of each of the four test acid solutions to the four test tubes. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
jibeing two drops of the universal indicator you note the pH of each test solution using a calibration card. You then add three drops of 1M NaOH reagent to each of the solutions, sti r, and note pH level. Add another three, th! en six, then another six drops of NaOH to each solution stirring and noting the pH each time. Results found in data tables. Conclusion: When combining an acid and a base, a salt, gas, and pissing is formed. When combining a reactive... If you want to get a bountiful essay, order it on our website:

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