Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter To Romeo

107 Bright Street Jersey City, NJ, U.S.A. 07302 December 11, 2011 Via Arche Scaligere, 4 Verona, Italy, europium 37121 Dear Romeo, My name is Leticia sept and I aim hear roughly your issue and I would like to be your lawyer and help you with your situation. I foretaste that through this letter, I give the bounce convince you to be my defendant. I have understood that you stabbed Juliets cousin, Tybalt. But, you only did this because he killed Mercutio, and he was your best friend. But, think about it, if Im your lawyer, I lead do my hardest to help you take away buttocks to Verona, Italy. If you used me as your lawyer, I could clear your name for the actions you have participated in, and get you prosecuted. I volition make you acquit and plant you innocent. Thou will withal try to convince the Prince non to delight you away from Verona. If I were your lawyer, I could also get thee choke in Verona, Italy. Technic bothy, tis non all your fault, because the e did not start the problem. You were reason Mercutio, although he was dead. The Prince should not banish you from Verona. It would not be modal(a) at all, because thee is a Montague, and art less unfortunate? That does not mean you wholly shall get the punishment only.
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So, these art approximately things that thy would say when I would talk to Prince Paris, if you choose me as your lawyer. If you hire me as your lawyer, I would help thee clear our name of all crimes that you have perpetually committed, including your most recent one. I would be able to bequeath great reasoning as to why thee should not be bla med for all this chaos now. I mean, Tybalt h! ad started with Mercutio and thee was a dear, clam up person to you. I would pick up why thee would tell the Prince that you tis not do this out of wickedness to the Capulets. You did this out of your love and trade toward Mercutio. Plus, why should you only be punished if Tybalt killed Mercutio. Finally, I will also convince the Prince not to banish thee from Verona, Italy. It will be difficult to do...If you want to get a full essay, shape it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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