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corpulency Obesity is in any case a old factor for hypertension to happen. In fact, most of hypertension cases and health problems cook something to do with obesity, which often results to wrongful diet and bad lifestyle, factors that also lend to hypertension. The fats that goes unburned in out bodies often incommode the boles scheme by clogging the passageway of the dividing line in the human corpse; when this happens, the strain the arteries happens again, making the pressure to pith family to and fro the on the whole body system is needed, which results to hypertension. take in fatty, sodium chloridey, and oily foods are reflections of an improper diet, and causes obesity. In addition, eating unsanitary food paired with and unexercised body often results to too much(prenominal) fat in the body, make again, hypertension. However, there are also cases wherein the occurrence of hypertension whitethorn not be ascribable to the factors given, and its occurrence may salve be unknown or unexplainable. There are also many risk factors that have been linked to contribute to the indisposition as they either attach cardiac output or peripheral resistance which increases blood pressure. Research suggests that risk factors for hypertension arise from both genetical and environmental factors (Warren, 2008). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
They include the side by side(p): Excess salt intake gibe to studies carried out by Coy (2005) utmost levels of sodium can increase blood pressure. When the body has broad(prenominal) levels of sodium, the body reacts by releasing extracellular fluid into circulati on to ease out the high sodium levels. With! the increase circulating fluid, it creates much pressure on vessels and ventricles of the heart to require faster, which helps move the redundancy fluid away from the heart (Chummun, 2009). Obesity According to query 78% of hypertensive cases in men and 65% in women can be linked to obesity (Francishetti & Genelhur, 2007). Obesity associate hypertension shows an increase in sympathetic unquiet system activity, which is shown...If you want to get a full essay, effectuate it on our website:

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