Sunday, December 22, 2013

Julia's Food Booth

Julias Food Booth Case Problem A. X1 = pizza slices, X2 = white dogs, and X3 = barbeque sandwiches. Maximize Z = ($0.75 X1) + ($1.05 X2) + ($1.35 X3) Subject to: ($0.75 X1) + ($0.45 X2) + ($.90 X3) slight than or equal to $1,500 (24 X1) + (16 X2) + (25 X3) less than or equal to 55,296 inches form oven space X1 great than or equal to X2 + X3 (X2/X3) greater than or equal to 2.0 X1, X2, X3 greater than or equal to 0 theme: X1 = 1250 pizza slices X2 = 1250 hot dogs X3 = 0 barbeque sandwiches Z = $2,250 found upon this information, Julia leave generate revenues of $2,250 for her for the first time bet. Her leasing of the booth will cost her $1,000/game, so she is left with $1,250. Additionally, the cost of leasing the warming oven is 600 for 6 games, and that equates to $100/game. This gives her profit of $1,150 for her first game. iodin aspect of this ideal that is more than complex relates to the $1,500 practice sessiond to buy the aliment it ems. Since the target area function reflects net profit, the $1,500 is recouped and can be used for the beside residence game to purchase food ingredients. This allows Julia not to have to use of her $1,150 profit to buy ingredients for the next game. B. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Yes, she would be able to emergence her profit if she were to borrow somewhat money from a mavin before the first game to purchase more ingredients. The ternary value is $1.50 for each extra dollar. The upper limit of the aesthesia range for budget is $1,658.88, so she should only borrow roughly $158. Her spare profit would be $238.32 or a summari ze profit of $2,488.32. C.Yes, Julia should! definitely hire her friend to assist with exchange at each game. It would be virtually impossible for Julia to attire all of the food items generated in the solution in the circumscribed time period she had since she cannot build while she si selling. The additional profit Julia would generate if she borrowed more money from the friend, as hardened in section B of this case problem, would help her...If you necessitate to get a liberal essay, order it on our website:

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