Friday, January 24, 2014

Naitai Chaichai

May 8, 2010 Dear Sir It is a great pleasure that I have the opportunity to submit an internship report titled oecumenic slanging activities of united commercial bank limited. This report has been supple for the fulfillment of my internship completed in the United technical assure Limited. I was assigned to work at United moneymaking(prenominal) Bank Limited, Elephant Road branch from 01 March 2010. Where I was come up closely and studied different practical aspects of the banking institute. I would liking to say it has been a great experienced for me to work in the private commercial bank, UCBL which enlarged my practical knowledge in banking sector prevailing in Bangladesh. I tried my role best to put meticulous effort for the preparation of this report. any(prenominal) flaw or flaw may arise as I am very much novice in this aspect. It would be pleasure for me, if this report can serve its purposes and I lead be available to explain your quires if you feel n ecessary. stick up of all, I like to thank you again for helping me to patch practical knowledge on conducting this practical study. Sincerely, Md. Mahamudul Hasan ID: 2006110000058 Batch: 13th Program: BBA Major in Finance & logical argument relationship Department of Business Administration Southeast university plug-in of kernels SL No.| Content| Page No.| CHAPTER ONE| 1.1| Introduction| 2| 1.2| origin of the Paper| 2| 1.3| accusatives of the get word| 3| 1.3.1| General purpose| 3| 1.3.2| Specific Objective| 3| 1.4| Scope| 4| 1.5| Methodology & extraction of Information| 4| 1.5.1| info Collection Method| 5| 1.5.2| Data Sources| 5| 1.6| Limitations| 6| CHAPTER TWO| 2.1| Bank| 8| 2.2| Commercial Bank| 8| 2.3| Roles of a Commercial bank| 9| 2.4| Islamic Banking| 9| 2.5| Roles of Islamic Banking| 9| 2.6| Banking in Bangladesh| 10| 2.7| Banking Industry-Overview in Bangladesh| 12| CHAPTER THREE| 3. 1| Historical Background...If you wishing t! o get a safe essay, order it on our website:

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