Thursday, January 23, 2014


Darkness and Despair - Preludes If one can judge a man by his poetry, TS Eliot was a man obsessed with desolation, depravity and despair(1). Many of his works had themes of hopelessness and aridity, culminating in The Waste Land. His poetry, at least until his conversion to Anglo-Catholicism, has, by some critics, been seen as a sort of personal essay for something: by chance, salvation, faith or hope.(2) This hunting is combined (in his poetry) with disillusionment and pessimism verging on hopelessness. We find this desolate place even in his early poetry, such as The have a go at it Song of J Alfred Prufrock, an analysis of which I will pack to others, and in Preludes, both published in the latter half(prenominal) of the 1910s. Preludes has several(prenominal) main themes running through each section, and techniques to actuate us of the sordidness of the city and of those who pass their lives in it. The verse introduces us to stages of the night and day(3), sta rting with evening in transgress I, to break of day in incite II, the middle of the night into morning in part III, and back to evening in part IV. During this 24 hour period, certain themes intrude themselves into the readers consciousness. The landscape and the souls inhabiting it ar dirty, grimy, and obscured by filth. We are made aware of the passing of snip and its masquerade with touch of the time of day each activity takes place, and the carriage of cast away newspapers to remind us that the past is gone. We cannot wholly commiserate with the denizens of this disconsolate place, because we are never introduced to a whole person. kind of Eliot describes their feet, eye and hands. Their sordid souls are insubstantial, flickering on a ceiling, or stretched crosswise a grimy sky. All these half-people and their souls seem to pass much of their time waiting for something that may never vex - indeed, perhaps they are waiting for nothing at all. however a horse steams and stamps, perhaps awaiting its own salvat! ion, or perhaps just waiting to go...If you want to get a generous essay, effect it on our website:

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