Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Stratification system.

The Question: If you were not present for the gradation exercise, write a 2-page typed paper discussing how the four forms of class variation (income, riches, grooming, prestige) contribute to the lovesome social stratification system in the United States. Class inequality is whatsoeverthing that cannot be avoided in any corporation. The inequalities be derived from for basic full-blood characterizations, which be income, wealth, education, and prestige. Members of club earn these class inequalities and from which argon depute into a mold of the stratification system. Please note that I say members of society earn these class inequalities, but that does not go without face that it is always earned in a manner that is considered fair. For example, some people are in their draw of the social stratification because they inherited it or they won the draftsmanship etc. My own private way of breaking follow up how the four class inequalities is as follows. Dependi ng on your education you lay out a hypothesise the approach pattern of thumb is the higher(prenominal) education you excite the better job you earn. And with that job comes an income, now with this income comes wealth. Now according to how pixilated you are your labeled in a certain layer of social stratification. Finally, you learn how ofttimes prestige you have through which level of social strata you have acquired, and then adjust accordingly. So in short, education leads to income, income leads to wealth, wealth leads to social strata, and prestige is acquired through which level of social strata you are in. Chad, I do not believe that these class inequalities are what affect social stratification but in position are what make up social stratification. Moreover, social stratification is based on ones wealth. well-nigh people who are wealthy donate large sums of money to charitable causes. Most oftentimes this... If you want to ge t a full essay, shape it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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