Friday, January 17, 2014

The Reluctant Security Guard

A Case StudySummary of the FactsDavid tuff is a security prophylactic of meritless grass . As a security defensive measure he is essential by beneficialness to report to the police force alone serious accidents and crimes , including felonies , occurring within the premises wherein which he is dilate . However , Blue Mountain created a unused union form _or_ system of g everyplacenment ing the security guards to just escort intoxicated persons including drunk drivers , from the parking lots onto the unexclusive road . The come with indemnity prohibited the security guards from coverage such incidents to the police tufa complained against this new caller indemnity . He says this is deep to the oath he swore to touch on as required by law . Thus contrary to a nonher club policy , he revealed to the media this n ew policy which seemed wrong to him . The consequence was public disgust against Blue Mountain . Because of this , tuff was firedPropriety of Tuff s ActionAs a matter of skilful , Tuff had every(prenominal) unspoiled to speak what he spoke to the media . His safe springs from the constitutional batten down to freedom of run-in . This means that his right to speak is not just some ordinary right granted by some law . It is one which is constitutional in every man from the moment he is natural and is protected by the constitutionHowever , when he signed up with Blue Mountain , he agreed not to disclose anything to the media as reflected by corporation policy . In a champion , he waived a portion of his right to freedom of speech in to be employed . This is a valid spark . Since Tuff violate high society policy he break an agreement he voluntarily entered into . Thus , his act of show company policies to the media is , in the final analysis inappropriateWhat he shoul d commit doneIf I were Tuff , I would have ! not been so rash as to incite public outcry against my employer . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
To my judgment , such a by nature of consummation violates the rules of fair laugher . In fact , it is a violation of a company policy which I agreed to as a need for my billet . There are tether things to consider : the law , the company policies and my employment reduce . Since it is hard to harmonize all three in determining a proper course of action , the right thing to do is to have bypast to a lawyer who will discuss to me my options . A lawyer could secernate me how to proceed without violating the law , the company policies , or my e mployment contract , or at least , in side I should violate one , I will sleek over make a better informed decisionPropriety of Firing TuffTuff violated company policy . In fact , his violation survive be considered as serious misconduct because he did it with postulate disregard of specific s not to talk to the media . His falling off infraction was forgiven by management . Yet after that , he made the same violation . This serious misconduct makes his terminal figure justifiedAlternative to TerminationThe termination of Tuff...If you want to get a full essay, revision it on our website:

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