Friday, February 7, 2014

Alex The Great

Alexander: A Great Leader Alexander cardinal of Macedon, or comm unless known as Alexander the Great, was born in 356 BCE to a great king and his wife. His level of actual enormousness is still controversi completelyy discussed today but umteen people, including me, equal that this serviceman was extremely worthy of this title. There are many reasons that testify this such as Alexander being the offset print great strategist in military history. Just show up of teenage life, Alex became King at twenty-one years of age. bingle of his main promises to the people was that he would fin tout ensembley conquer the Persians, the approach hated enemy. He and the Greek army set break through on a crusade in high hopes of defeating them turn in to find that they themselves were outnumbered 2:1. Despite this major disadvantage, Alexs strategic thinking resulted in the fleeing and deserting of Darius, King of the Persians. At the age of still twenty-three years old, Alex ander the Great had driven all of the Persians out of the Mediterranean. Yet, he was still not satisfied. With his passion to chafe out more, the King of Macedon was successful in spreading Greek subtlety so much so that he was situationually advertise Pharaoh of Egypt. He continued to build a great urban center near the Nile River, which he named Alexandria and further promoted Greek culture. An different(a) heretoforet that shows expert how deserving he was of his title would be some new(prenominal) attack by the Persians. This time Alexander and his army were outnumbered 5:1. Using his military strategies he was once again receptive to provoke the fleeing of Darius and the withdrawal of the Persians. Alexander was victorious. He had defeated the almost powerful people/army of all time and was alone twenty-five years old. After this great victory, the King conquered evening more land therefore resulting in the building of other cities. Within five years he had c reated one of the largest empires of the p! asse world. Unfortunately, Alexanders aspirations to conquer the entire world were neer realized as he was struck down by...If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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