Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who Is Threatening America?

The current panics to the peace and security of the united States move into in the main from the countries of Iran and pairing Korea. Former President Bush has decl ard these countries an axis of rotation of rotation of evil. The reasons that these countries engender such a dangerous threat to the join State is beca persona they have developed atomic capability or are relatively close to achieving atomic capability. These countries pose a greater threat than other countries with nuclear programs because of their severe de outpouring of America and our way of life. nuclear weapons female person genitalia have a devastating effect to the estate it is used on because plenty casualties will be expected. Nuclear weapons can also pose an even more honorable threat if terrorists can happen upon obtaining them and employing them in their attacks. Growing tensions amongst the join States and the countries of Iran and trade union Korea are reaching a com e out where military action may be required because diplomatical attempts are proving to be ineffective. The join States has demanded the nuclear programs of these countries cease, but Iran and North Korea have continued to test fire missiles to study their capabilities. It is discernible that Iran and North Korea share a profound hatred for the United States and it has been believed that Iran has been helping the insurgents in Iraq entertain out more flourishing attacks against the U.S. legionss there. North Korea continues to fire missiles, in spite of pressure from the United Nations. It can be concluded that these countries may truly want to settle their dispute with the United States and its associate through war. In conclusion, the United States may need to use military force in the future in the countries of Iran and North Korea to prevent a nuclear war. A nuclear final solution ask to be prevented at all costs because the results can come clos e to extinction to any area a nuclear weapon! hits. The United States needs to continue to be very(prenominal) careful in handling these countries because other...If you want to belong a full essay, order it on our website:

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