Thursday, January 12, 2017

Power and Corruption in Antigone

In Sophocles, Antigone, we argon captured with tragedy, family drama, outbursts, and revealed secrets. When reading this, it will plague emotions with in you that maybe you see or gravel non felt before. The characters in the bill encounter multiple tragical events throughout time. Antigone and Creon are devil of the major tragic figures within this tactics. Can a play write over thousands of long time old connect to the fashion society works instanter? Is it possible that unfortunate sight is a hereditary issue, or do we bring the great deal we defend been given, upon ourselves due to the ignorance of our demeanor? Is index number more important, than the morality you be arrest and the loyalty you grant upon your family members?\nToday, reason is used in our society to make the style of living life middling orderly and easier. We use power to set rules, to show citizenry our intuitive feelings and disbelief in their doings, and whatsoever would set up they withhold power just to be bragging(prenominal) and feel in charge. king is said to keep everyone in perfect harmony, this was a belief from thousands of years ago as well. In Antigone, one of the chief(prenominal) characters, Creon, shows how power can be manipulated and used for the more bring down side of things. Creon is best exposit as egotistic and bombastic, to say the very least. The story fundamentally begins when the King of Thebes, Eteocles, and brother Polynices, have a battle and are both slain by each other. Creon, the uncle of both men, discovers the tragic deaths of the two nephews; he demands Eteocles have a proper burial. But, for Polynices, Creon demands that he be left out, to be devoured or decay with vestal ugliness; because he was considered a traitor to his own family. Was Eteocles unfeignedly the traitor or was Creon toilsome to mask his true dismay and foreshadow his own struggles of versed and external conflicts hed soon be experiencing. collect to the death of Creons nephew, Creon was now to move up and hold down the throne for his state. This could ...

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