Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Black Cat - Alcohol and a Descent into Madness

intoxicant was the vice that the transformed the teller in Edgar Allen Poes, The Black zany from a normal, loving livelihood into a world of madness. Our intimacy lasted, in this manner, for several years, during which my prevalent temperament and character by the instrumentality of the Fiend surplus had (I blush to confess it) see a radical vicissitude for the worse (Poe 718). As the romance unfolds we see how the narrators sprightliness has been critically altered through alcohol, clouding up his judgment, altering his emotions, and giving him an imagined smell of power. Under the spell of undisciplined rage, the once love objects of his life have come objects of abominate and now, one gainful has paid the price of his insanity with an ax.\nAs the narrators life becomes more than and more influenced by the personal effects of alcohol, he begins to notice the changes himself in regards to the warrant black cat who had interpreted up residence in his home. Instead o f nitty-gritty for the wildcat as was once his personality, he began to feel something different indoors. For my possess part, I soon imbed a dislike to it arising within me. This was just the reverse of what I had anticipated; but I know not how or why it was its evident fondness for myself rather disgusted and annoyed. By slow degrees, these feelings of disgust and pain rose into bitterness of disgust (Poe 721). In comparison, the narrators feelings for his ever-loving and loyal wife were inconspicuously being changed as well.\nEverything that he once was had become blurred by the effects of the alcohol that he consumed. In his words, And now was I therefore wretched beyond the miserableness of mere humanity├é (Poe 722). He had allowed the device of alcohol to relieve oneself control of his being and in doing so everything that he loved had changed into rage. Upon accompanying the narrator to the cellar, his ever-loving and patient wife took action as he lifted the ax t o kill the cat and ins...

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