Wednesday, December 19, 2018

'African American Immigration Essay\r'

'Among many of the ethnic groups that experienced a combine of segregation, racialism, and prejudice; African Americans is ace of the few that is as yet faced with one or more forms of difference today. The majority of African Americans came to the linked States from Africa to be slaves, musical composition others are citizens or residents of the linked States from partial linage a form of the native population. In 1619, the foremost recorded Africans were recorded in British north-central America in Jamestown, Virginia, and the numbers began to increase as more English settlers died from harsh conditions and the Africans were brought to work as wearyers.\r\nIn the late 1700s the American Revolution occurred, which set down approximately 3 million Africans in bondage in the United States by the mid-1800s, (Centerwall, Brandon, 1984). In 1863 prexy Abraham Lincoln declared that all slaves in the United States from a Union were free. Meanwhile the declaration of Africans cosmos free from slavery was joyful event, it was also the begin of a growing battle that lead to a different approach of dissimilitude including; segregation, prejudice, and racism.\r\nBy the 1900s, the African American population increased, which majority of the population lived in the Southern states of the United States. The Southern states enforced the Jim shoot a line laws, which mandated racial segregation in all in the public eye(predicate) facilities giving sinlessness Americans advantages over black Americans in public schools, public transportation, restrooms, restaurants and drinking fountains. In localise to eliminate the control that white Americans had over African Americans, African Americans began to build their own schools, churches, and communities.\r\nAlthough, African Americans grammatical construction their own communities was the intention of avoiding the humiliation of the Jim Crow laws, it until now didn’t prevent the African Americans from becoming victims of racially motivated madness. African Americans experienced countless acts of violence incidents that lead blacks battered, beaten and even dead in some cases. White Americans begin to form organizations that promoted white forcefulness, leading the organizations to practice out violence and take down African Americans property.\r\nA popular white power organization called themselves the Ku Klux Klan and performed acts against blacks that included; lynching cross burnings, animal(prenominal) violence, and house burnings towards African Americans. Although, the Ku Klux Klan was formed in 1867, it has been rumors that at that place are good deal that are withal secretly members today. African Americans experienced a wider range of disagreement, segregation, and racism more so in the later years but still arise in hunting lodge today. In a perfect orbit, no one would be judged by the color of their skin and participation would focus on a person’s i ndividual true character.\r\nOften times African Americans miss out on opportunities because they are universe judged by the color of their skin, rather than their abilities. The United States has tried to provide Americans the rights to have-to doe with opportunity, by creating the Affirmative action. The approbatory action eliminates people being granted opportunities found on their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or home(a) origin and ensures that nonage groups within a party receive equal opportunities.\r\nAlthough, the affirmative action was intend to diminish situations which cause people to participate in different forms of discrimination, but unless it could be fully be that African Americans were being passed up for jobs, education, income and other forms of advancements there will never be a direction to fully prohibit this form of discrimination. Today, there is still unequal opportunities and discriminatory treatment that occurs in the United S tates especially with African Americans.\r\nAfrican Americans were affected by many forms of discrimination that decreased advancement to equal other races in society. They were faced with dual labor grocery, forcing blacks to work in lower labor market areas. Redlining was enforced by keeping businesses from helping African Americans simply because of the area they lived in. Many African Americans precious to better themselves by furthering their education, but suffered from institutional discrimination and given less information and aid for education.\r\n shrewd the story of the African American struggles on; prejudice, discrimination, and segregation allows me to understand my roots and accomplishments of my ethnic group. Personally the history of African Americans affects me greatly, because it is the combination of struggles that has played a spacious role to my advancements and opportunities performed daily. The African American ancestors fought daily with all counts of di scrimination helps that allows all groups of different minority groups the same equal rights for advancement opportunities.\r\nAlthough, the majority of the world views of African Americans has changed there are still people that choose to discriminate against African Americans by choosing non to change with the ways of the world and maintain prejudice. Acts of discrimination is performed but not as greatly as many years ago. African American socialisation has had a rough past journey, but in the long run the majority of the United States has do it possible for all African Americans equal rights and opportunities in life.\r\n'

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