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'ASQ Agile v Waterfall Essay\r'

' waterf on the whole vs. wide awake communicate worry\r\nLisa Sieverts, PMP, PMI-ACP\r\nPhil Ailes, PMI-ACP\r\nfalls vs. wide awake advise instruction\r\nAg terminusa\r\n•\r\n•\r\n•\r\n•\r\nWhat is a learn\r\nOverview\r\nâ€â€¯ tralatitious fox circumspection\r\nâ€â€¯ nimble childbed focussing\r\nThe Differences\r\nâ€â€¯ harvesting Life Cycle\r\nâ€â€¯ The police squads\r\nâ€â€¯ Requirements\r\nâ€â€¯ WBS/ produce Backlog\r\nâ€â€¯ Schedule\r\nâ€â€¯ gamble\r\nâ€â€¯ Quality\r\nQ& group A;A\r\n2\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & adenylic acid; Phil Ailes\r\n1\r\n falls vs. restless declare oneself prudence\r\nWhat is a Project?\r\n•  Temporary\r\n•  Goal\r\n•  Constrained\r\n3\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & adenine; Phil Ailes\r\n waterfall vs. active Project commission\r\nWhat makes final causes supererogatory?\r\n•  Projects are\r\ncharacterized by \r\nuncertainty\r\n4\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & angstrom; Phil Ailes\r\n2\r\n falls vs. lively Project focusing\r\nTraditional falls Projects\r\n•  Traditional falls Projects\r\nâ€â€¯ Dates from the destruction of WWII\r\nâ€â€¯ Grew out of Defense industry\r\nâ€â€¯ Based on Deming Cycle of plan-Do-Check-Act\r\nâ€â€¯ Emphasizes heavy up-front analysis\r\nâ€â€¯ Lots of financial support\r\nâ€â€¯ PMBOK versions 1-4\r\n©Lisa Sieverts &type A; Phil Ailes\r\nfalls vs. fast Project focussing\r\nTraditional falls Project\r\nHigh\r\n grow medium\r\nRequirements\r\nLow\r\nOptional\r\nHigh\r\n number\r\n medium\r\nLow\r\nOptional\r\nHigh\r\n receivement strong suit\r\nLow\r\nOptional\r\nHigh\r\n footraceing\r\n mediocre\r\nLow\r\nOptional\r\nHigh\r\nDeploy\r\n strong suit\r\nLow\r\nOptional\r\n6\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & adenineere; Phil Ailes\r\n3\r\n waterfall vs. lively Project management\r\nWaterfall †Advantages\r\n7\r\n ©Lisa Sieverts & axerophthol; Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. quick Project Management\r\nWaterfall †Advantages\r\n•  Established Processes- Project Management Body of\r\nKnowledge\r\n•  Management Controls\r\n•  (Apparent) Predictability\r\n•  Great for slump uncertainty/high dep eat upency get words\r\nâ€â€¯ Construction\r\nâ€â€¯ up realise of realized mathematical product\r\nâ€â€¯ Maintenance projects\r\n8\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & antiophthalmic factor; Phil Ailes\r\n4\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nWaterfall †Disadvantages\r\n9\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nWaterfall †Disadvantages\r\n•  Sometimes is more(prenominal) about the Process than the\r\nProduct\r\n•  Keeps the customer at bay †by the time they see the end results it may be too late\r\n•  Project teams often become rigid and resi stant to\r\n variegate: â€Å"Those darn users keep changing their\r\nminds.”\r\n•  Long product development time\r\n10\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n5\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nAgile Project Management\r\n•  The Agile Way\r\nâ€â€¯ Experiments in the 1990s\r\nâ€â€¯ Values self-organizing teams\r\nâ€â€¯ No formal â€Å"project\r\nmanagement”\r\nâ€â€¯ Iterative approach\r\nâ€â€¯ Flexible\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nmanifesto\r\n•\r\nThe Agile Manifesto for Software contrivement\r\nâ€â€¯ â€Å"We are uncovering better ways of developing packet by doing it and helping others do it. Through this hit we have come to rank:\r\n•  Individuals and interactions over processes and tools •  spend a pennys software over comprehensive documentation\r\n•  node collaboration over contract negotiation\r\n•  Responding to motley over following a plan\r\nâ€â€¯ That is, period there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.”\r\n12\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n6\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThe Agile Way\r\nSprints †High antecedency Features\r\n shuffle\r\n mental testing\r\nSprints †Low Priority Features\r\nIntegrate\r\n tryout\r\nIntegrate\r\nTest\r\nDesign\r\nTest\r\nTest\r\nDevelop\r\nIntegrate\r\nTest\r\nDemo & Feedback\r\nDevelop\r\nRequirements\r\nTest\r\nTest\r\nDevelop\r\nSprints †Optional Priority Features\r\nDemo & Feedback\r\nRequirements\r\nDesign\r\nTest\r\nDesign\r\nTest\r\nDemo & Feedback\r\nDevelop\r\nRequirements\r\nTest\r\nDemo & Feedback\r\nRequirements\r\nDesign\r\nTest\r\nSprints †average Priority Features\r\n13\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nAgile †Advantages\r\n14\r\nà ‚©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n7\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nAgile †Advantages\r\n•  Shorter development cycles\r\n•  Customer participates, providing direct feedback\r\n•  Team-ownership †developers, testers, analysts and\r\ncustomers work together\r\n•  Process encourages and easily adapts to change\r\n•  meliorate quality because testing is continuous\r\n15\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nAgile †Disadvantages\r\n16\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n8\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nAgile †Disadvantages\r\n•  Lack of established processes\r\n•  Management resistance to change\r\n•  Reduced (apparent) predictability\r\n•  Requires culture change\r\n•  It’s new †there isn’t a lot to draw upon\r\n17\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil A iles\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nProject Life Cycle\r\n•  Traditional:\r\nwaterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ get\r\nâ€â€¯Plan\r\nâ€â€¯Define\r\nâ€â€¯Design\r\nâ€â€¯Build\r\nâ€â€¯Test\r\n•  Agile Projects:\r\niterative\r\nâ€â€¯Envision\r\nâ€â€¯Speculate\r\nâ€â€¯seek\r\nâ€â€¯ conform\r\nâ€â€¯Close\r\nâ€â€¯Repeat as\r\n undeniable\r\n18\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n9\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThe Team\r\n•  Waterfall\r\nâ€â€¯friend\r\nâ€â€¯Product\r\nManager\r\nâ€â€¯Project\r\nManager\r\nâ€â€¯The Team â€\r\ndefined roles\r\n•  Agile\r\nâ€â€¯Sponsor\r\nâ€â€¯Product\r\nproprietor\r\nâ€â€¯Scrum\r\nMaster\r\nâ€â€¯The Team â€\r\nvariable\r\nroles\r\n19\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThe Requirements\r\n•  Waterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ Large\r\nDocument\r\nâ€â€¯ Formal, based\r\non analysis\r\nâ€â€¯ Performed by\r\nBusiness\r\nAnalyst\r\nâ€â€¯ spotless\r\nbefore any\r\ndevelopment\r\nbegins\r\n•  Agile\r\nâ€â€¯ dainty Index\r\nCards\r\nâ€â€¯ substance abuser Stories,\r\nbased on\r\nconversation\r\nâ€â€¯ Performed by\r\nthe Product\r\nOwner\r\nâ€â€¯ absolute\r\nâ€Å"just in time”\r\n20\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n10\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThe Foundation Documents\r\n•\r\nWaterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ Work Breakdown\r\n social structure\r\n100 % of Scope\r\n21\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThe Foundation Documents\r\n•\r\nAgile\r\nâ€â€¯ The Product Backlog\r\nRoman Pichler, Agile Product Management\r\n22\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n11\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThe Schedule\r\n•à ¢â‚¬Â¯ Waterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ Built before work\r\nbegins\r\nâ€â€¯ intercept date is often\r\n•  Agile\r\nâ€â€¯ Rebuilt every sprint\r\nâ€â€¯ End date evolves\r\nbased on team\r\n f number\r\nâ€â€¯ Focused on nearterm accuracy\r\nâ€â€¯ Emphasizes regular\r\n oral communication of working\r\nfeatures\r\npredetermined\r\nâ€â€¯ Strives to predict the\r\nfuture\r\nâ€â€¯ Emphasizes tar\r\nof the entire product\r\n23\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\n guess\r\n•  Waterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ Inherently high-risk\r\nbased on ache\r\nproduct cycles\r\nâ€â€¯ Emphasizes the\r\nability to predict the\r\nfuture\r\nâ€â€¯ Risk Register\r\n•  Agile\r\nâ€â€¯ Inherently low-risk\r\nbased on customer\r\nfeedback\r\nâ€â€¯ Emphasizes\r\nadaptation to\r\nchanging\r\nenvironment\r\nâ€â€¯ Risk Register\r\n24\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & P hil Ailes\r\n12\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nQuality\r\n•  Waterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ exam is at the end\r\n•  Agile\r\nâ€â€¯ Testing begins before\r\ndevelopment\r\nof the project\r\nâ€â€¯ Testers work\r\n singly from\r\ndevelopers\r\nâ€â€¯ User sufferance\r\noccurs at the end of\r\nthe project\r\nâ€â€¯ Testers and\r\ndevelopers work\r\ntogether\r\nsimultaneously\r\nâ€â€¯ User Acceptance\r\noccurs at end of\r\nevery sprint\r\n25\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nWhat’s Different?\r\n•  Waterfall\r\nâ€â€¯ Plan all in advance\r\nâ€â€¯ Work Breakdown\r\n organise\r\nâ€â€¯ Functional specs\r\nâ€â€¯ Gantt chart\r\nâ€â€¯ Status reports\r\nâ€â€¯ forego at the end\r\nâ€â€¯ Learn at the end\r\nâ€â€¯ Follow the plan\r\nâ€â€¯ Manage tasks\r\n•  Agile\r\nâ€â€¯ Plan as y ou go\r\nâ€â€¯ Product Backlog\r\nâ€â€¯ User stories\r\nâ€â€¯ Release plan\r\nâ€â€¯ Story boards\r\nâ€â€¯ Deliver as you go\r\nâ€â€¯ Learn every sprint\r\nâ€â€¯ Adapt everything\r\nâ€â€¯ Team ownership\r\n26\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n13\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\n drumhead\r\n•  Both Waterfall and Agile\r\nhave the alike(p) goals:\r\nâ€â€¯ Delivering a well-\r\ntested product that\r\nsatisfies the\r\ncustomer indoors an\r\nefficient time frame\r\nthat doesn’t relinquish\r\nthe team worn out\r\n27\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nQuestions\r\n28\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n14\r\n Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nThank You\r\n29\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\nWaterfall vs. Agile Project Management\r\nContact Us\r\n•  Lisa Sieverts\r\nâ€â€¯ Facilitated Change\r\nâ€â €¯\r\nâ€â€¯ 603.762.0235\r\n•  Phil Ailes\r\nâ€â€¯ Ailes Consulting\r\nâ€â€¯\r\nâ€â€¯ 603.903.7051\r\n30\r\n©Lisa Sieverts & Phil Ailes\r\n15\r\n'

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