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Internet Research Essay

1. In 1998, Carl P. Schmertmann, Adansi A. Amankwaa, and Robert D. tenacious wrote an article in an academic journal called Three Strikes and Youre Out Demographic Analysis of requi commit prison Sentencing. Please write out the third sentence of the article. Popularly cognize as Three Strikes and Youre Out (3X), these new rules mandate yen sentences without parole for those convicted of a third or higher-order felony. base JSTOR, Demography, Vol. 35, No. 4 (Nov. , 1998), pp. 445-463 2. The majuscule Post publishes D. C.Animal checker, which reports animal cases received by the Washington Humane Society and the D. C. Animal Control Division. agree to the September 4, 2003, sport of D. C. Animal Watch, what happened at Bangor St. SE, 1400 block? A woman reported that a male acquaintance had tied her scour with a rope so it could not jump onto a babys bed. She said the cat was choking and she was afraid to untie the rope. When a Humane Society officeholder arrived, the cat had been untied. Source The Washington Post, September 4, 2003 edition of D. C. Animal Watch 3. On Feb. 18, 1987, Anne C.Roark wrote an article in The Los Angeles Times about Donald Fosters claim to have identified a poem as wizard of Shakespe ars. Whats the name of the article? And, according to the article, where does Foster teach? obligate name bardes Sonnets A Mystery at Long Last settle? Foster taught at Vassar Source Los Angeles Times, February, 18, 1987 4. What is the call trope for Giovanni Boccaccios book called Decameron? (Please pick the 1986 circulating copy) FIC BOCCACCIO, G. 5. What is the call fig for Milan Kunderas book The Unbearable Lightness of Being?(Please choose the 1984 entry. ) FIC KUNDERA, M. 6. What is the call number for the Guinness area Records? (Choose the most recent edition. ) 031. 02 M257 7. How many people live in the Marshall Islands? (Your information must be currentnothing in the first place 2003. ) You might try NVCCs Best of the Web, which will link to the recently-updated CIA being Factbook. 61,815 (July 2007 est. ) Source CIA World Fact Book, https//www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/rm. html 8. Julian link is a faculty member in the History Department at the University of Virginia.Where and when did he receive his Bachelors degree? Morehouse, 1971 Source University of Virginia website http//www. virginia. edu/account/faculty/bond. html 9. On July 17, 2003, the National Highway and Transportation caoutchouc Administration (NHTSA) released its highway fatality statistics (in the form of a press release). According to the NHTSA, how many fatalities were alcohol-related in 2002? You must locate the report itself. 41 share of the total with 17, 419 deaths Source Press Releases, NHTSA website http//www. nhtsa. dot. gov/portal/site/nhtsa/template.MAXIMIZE/menuitem. f2217bee37fb302f6d7c121046108a0c/? javax. portlet. tpst=1e51531b2220b0f8ea14201046108a0c_ws_MX& vitamin Ajavax. portlet. prp _1e51531b2220b0f8ea14201046108a0c_viewID=detail_view&itemID=979ffd08cccaff00VgnVCM1000002c567798RCRD&pressReleaseYearSelect=2003 10. According the American Kennel Club, what should a Mastiffs temperament be like? (Copy and paste the entire description. ) A cabal of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility. Dignity, rather than gaiety, is the Mastiffs correct demeanor. resolve should not condone shyness or viciousness.Conversely, judges should also look out of putting a premium on showiness. Works Cited Marshall Islands. Retrieved November 2, 2007 from the important Intelligence Agency World Fact Book website https//www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/rm. html. Roark, Anne C. (1987, February 18). Bards Sonnets A Mystery at Long Last Resolved?. Los Angeles Times, p. Metro Desk 1. Schmertmann, Carl P. , Amankwaa, Adansi A. and Long, Robert D. (November, 1998). Three Strikes and Youre Out Demographic Analysis of Mandatory Prison Sentencing.Demograp hy, 354, 445-463. Research Facts Find the answers to the following questions. For each item, keep down the answer and the source that you used to find it (no need to provide a full Works Cited entry). Then, in one or two sentences, justify how reliable you think that source is. Since you will probably use Internet-based sources, witness how objective, current, and credible each site is. For this exercise, you do not need to choose high-quality sites you simply need to explain why you believe each site is or isnt reliable.1. What country has the smallest population? Vatican City, population 920 Source World Atlas web site http//worldatlas. com/aatlas/populations/ctypopls. htm The site is run by pictorial Maps, dba the Woolwine-Moen Group and while they claim to be as accurate as possible, they do admit there is a margin of error. Most likely, the statistics presented are accurate. 2. What country has the lowest literacy rate? What about the highest? Lowest is Burkina Faso, highes t is Cameroon, United Republic.Source SIL International website http//

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