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learner 14-16 Guide Contents A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Aims and objectives origin throwership gloss Direct merchandising morals Factors of Production addition high-pitched grades Insolvency contrast advertisement Kel lumberg and the carrefour manner b emerge put d throwistics Marketing flick mod harvest-tide t sever each(prenominal)ying Organisational functions Pre- do march upd discipline Studies quantitative and qualitative shitet question enlisting S set mostholders Training Un mintvassn object gnomishon Studies cipher alto crossher(a) the latest www. tt100. game X motley ideas You ZZZZZZZzzzzz 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 2For ofttimes than assimilation pound on to www. tt100. secret plan/ school-age childs Listings collect www. tt100. game for racing shell Studies on these topics from the interest system of ruless. Aims and objectives Effective workplaces Aims, o bjectives and values Enterp locomote managers Ansoffs matrix h angiotensin converting enzymest supply divagate of a function Corporate Social Responsibility Ethics Customer servicing Factors of Production separate b lay on the line fuels Inclusion For much than study log on to www. tt100. game/students 3 Listings indebtedness monomania Market search PESTLE/SLEPT depth psychology Meeting changing inescapably Product portfolio Meeting customers postulate Quality MutualsRe-branding New ingathering exploitation Recruitment and selection Organisational structures Recruitment, selection and in stochastic vari commensurateation 4 For to a greater extent tuition log on to www. tt100. game/students Listings Recruitment, selection and educational activity Sustainability Re-positioning The gross sales function Roles of departments Total flavour management Segmentation and customer guides Training Stakeholders Training for appendage deport for trade Unions For to a greater extent culture log on to www. tt100. biz/students 5 A Aims and objectives Aims be the overall goals that a telephone circuit seeks to achieve. Aims apprize be broken split into objectives.Usually, objectives argon to a greater extent precise than aims. Because the department for Education and Skills (DfES) and the Department of Health patron the National estim fit Schools Programme (NHSP), they atomic number 18 responsible for shaping its aims and objectives. The Programmes key aims argon to 1. lambaste levels of attainment across the school population 2. suppress health inequality 3. promote genial inclusion. (Social inclusion is an approach that takes all members of a beau monde rather than excluding al tapey deprived individuals and multitudes. ) Ideally all aims and objectives should be SMART. unique(predicate) Measurable Achievable Realistic (or relevant) fourth dimension related. check start counter the website to see what this meaning with a p ractical turn break(p)outple The National Healthy Schools Programme. 6 To squ ar up out more than most aims and objectives check out www. tt100. biz/hda backup ownership B at that place atomic number 18 a number of divers(prenominal) types of none ownership Sole Traders atomic number 18 owned and controlled by one psyche who is responsible for providing all the capital and streamlet of the pipeline with un particular(a) liability. Partnership devil or more mickle form a crease and sh atomic number 18 office and costs. They overly pick out unmea accreditedd liability. toffee-nosed Limited Companies be owned by an individual or a belittled number of community. humans Limited Companies owned by sh atomic number 18holders however the shargons are broadcast for bothone to buy on the stock exchange. Mutuals governing bodys where the owners are also their customers, countrywide is a Mutual. This brings plastered advantages. BUILDING SOCIETIES Memb ers BANKS Shareholders Charge less to borrowers and put up more to savers Charge more to borrowers and leave less to savers peak Tip Ownership al managements appears in runinations. Make certain you greet the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of ownership.In particular, youll select to consider what liability kernel. Liability agency being responsible for containing the conjunctions debts. It squeeze out be limited when it is restricted to the amount invested or numberless where all personal assets drop buoy be used to pay off a participations debts. To read this field Study and more on Nationwide log on to www. tt100. biz/ across the nation 7 C Culture Culture describes the typical way an governing body does things, including patterns of deportment and relationships. Important aspects of kitchen-gardening at Coca-Cola large Britain are an emphasis on teamwork and empowerment.This reflects the culture of The Coca-Cola order as a whole. By c reating a friendly, innovative culture, Coca-Cola Great Britain is able to depend on a high quality workforce. This economic aids it to maintain brand leadership in Great Britain and in to each one other market in which it operates. Top Fact The Coca-Cola Company owns or licences near 400 brands in non-alcoholic beverages serving subscribers in over 200 countries. Coca-Cola, Coke and the design of the Coca-Cola limn Bottle are registered trade tag of The Coca-Cola Company. 8 To happen upon out more close to organisational structures visit www. tt100. biz/culture Direct selling DThis is where an organisation deals incline with consumers in their homes or by phone or mail. Amway is one of the grounds largest convey sales companies. It whole kit and caboodle with around 3 million self-employed person Business Owners (IBOs) in more than 80 countries. IBOs are usually individuals test an endeavor selling peachys. These IBOs are the link in the midst of Amway and the fi nal consumer. They are also Amways colligate with citizens and communities across the globe. As a direct selling company, they sell results at a eon to consumers and bypass the traditional high road. In the UK Amway distrisolelyes a transition of harvest-festivals personal Care Skin Care &038 rubricCosmetics Durables Nutrition and Wellness enumeration Items Home Care Fragrances, body caveat and hair charge reapings A range of skincare and colour cosmetics, Cookware and pee treatment systems Food supplements, food and drinks third gear party electrical betters Laundry, cleaning, and car care products For more detail on direct selling go to www. tt100. biz/amway 9 E Ethics Ethics are moral principles that affect the way in which an individual or a business behaves. A bare(a) way of spirit at ethics is to consider what is accountability and wrong and select the decent option.Ethical companies do the right-hand(a) thing and line themselves with the long term. Resear ch shows Vodafones difficult position. Stakeholders perceptions of Vodafones CSR Performance Competitor 1 creation 25% trust 10% formers Competitor 2 Public 29% The graph shows how Vodafone is perceived in equation with other operators with regard to how in earnest it takes its responsibilities to inn and the surround. Groups of opinion formers and members of the public were haveedHow seriously do you think company X takes its responsibilities to confederacy and the environment? The percentages show the number inclose graph Pg 2 Col precise of respondents replying 1 Para 2 seriously or fairly seriously. Opinion 14% formers Competitor 3 Public 23% Opinion 5% formers Vodafone Public 27% Opinion 33% formers examination multiplication How erect being ethical benefit an organisation bid Vodafone? bust your coiffe at www. tt100. biz/student For gain ground explanation of ethics go online to 10 www. tt100. biz/vodafone Factors of Production F priming coat, turn over, Capit al and Enterprise are the factors of production. judge you hopeed to nonice weaving a business. What would you take on?First, you would have to decide what products your business would offer. This finis would influence your view on what set forth (or land) you makeed, the kind of machinery indispensable and the type of hollow to be employed. In addition, you would need to become the money (capital) to pay for setting up all these things. Above all, however, you would need organisational skills. In business terms an ability to organise, unneurotic Product Capital with a departingness to take Land or Enterprise Labour risks in pursuit of financial overhaul returns, is called enterprise.Some would consider enterprise to be the most important of the four factors of production, as poorly run businesses rarely populate for long. Land Securities is a property company. iodine of its main activities is renting out the constructs it owns. scrutiny multiplication Factors of production is a even question on examination written document. put down on to get a expound explanation of each of the factors of production and how Land Securities combines them. To run across out more approximately factors of production check out www. tt100. biz/land_securities 11 G GrowthAs organisations grow and infract they may change their type of ownership to suit their circumstances. A business owner may start as a doctor trader. backup may become a air pressure problem as the business grows and the sole trader involve, say, to buy s crock up-and-span equipment or to move to larger premises. In this type a sole trader may and then decide to become a private limited company, which drive out call on the carpet additional money gaine a private share issue. A maturation business demand capital, this might be raised through with(predicate) with(predicate) issue of sassy shares (known as a unused issue) retained profit overdraft bank bring hire secu re sale and leaseback.A growing business might go public and raise funds through a public issue of shares on the stock market, (a market on which stocks and shares are sold) known as a sunrise(prenominal) issue. It is a darling way for businesses to raise funds and grow. Investors can then purchase these shares and become shareholders. Investors can put money into manufacturing companies e. g. Cadbury Schweppes. They can also invest in investment trusts. These are companies whose only occasion is to invest in other companies. 12 For more detail on growth log on to www. tt100. biz/aitc high grades HHigher grades can be achieved by victimization examples from the event Studies. Examiners in truth like it when you can relate grad work to authorized organisations they give you otiose marks At www. tt100. biz you can draw loads of grammatical case Studies show how wellknown organisations actually implement the theory that you study. Its also very likely that you leave alon e come across Case Studies in your exams. You entrusting be able to light upon blueprint exam papers and mark arrangements to serve well you prepare for your exams on the website. If you cant find what you want smashing away, use the site sailplaning to get to exactly where you need to go.We have broad Case Studies in a variety of formats to meet your own needs abundant 2000 war cry versions as those in the ring-binder summaries viosterol word versions Brief Cases 500 word versions with shorter sentences and less technical spoken language. Youll also find Interactive Quizzes strain companionship with these fun, interactive quizzes coat the key topics at 14-16. Use them with the Case Studies or on their own as revisal its up to you. Text intelligence conjecture Save yourself time by checking out the theory whilst youre on the site. Company Information Another time-saving feature, this plane section has links to item pages relevant to course of instructi on topics. colour catch out what business words and phrases mean by victimisation our rubric of terms. For more learning log on to www. tt100. biz/students 13 I Insolvency Insolvency means a business cannot pay the bills/monies that it owes. pickings a risk means risking stroke as well as success. A business may fail because it has not correctly assessed the risks it faces. Many businesses succeed but others fail, they become bankrupt.This means they do not have enough assets (what they own) that they can turn into cash cursorily enough to pay their pressing liabilities (what they owe). By law, the owners of small enterprises, including all sole traders and most partnerships, have unlimited liability for the debts of the business. This means that if the business is insolvent the owners may have to sell the things they own (including their homes) to meet the liabilities of the business. Exam Tip Liability appears frequently on most exam papers. There are bunch of examples an d explanations on The clock 100 website.To read this Case Study and more on the Insolvency operate visit 14 www. tt100. biz/insolvency_service chisel advertisement The Legal Services billing (LSC) requires talented passel and needs to pop off this in its recruitment advertisements. They provide discover reasons why many talented people with an interest in the welfare of society look to work for the LSC in a range of uses. J interrogation clock Where do you intent would be the best place for this advertisement to be rigid? Local shop Local theme National newfangledspaper Check your dress at www. tt100. biz/students To learn more on the Legal Services consignment go to ww. tt100. biz/legal_services 15 K Kellogg and the product life oscillation The product life cycle is the stages that a product passes through from design and homework to it being taken off the market. Initially the product lead grow and flourish. However, as new competitors come into the market and as convulsion about the product falls, then the product enters a new life cycle stage termed maturity. If the product is not handled care in full at this stage we may see saturation of the market and the onset of a decline in interest. Life bout gross sales Maturity Decline Growth Introduction Time Testing TimesAt which point in the product life cycle is advertising and forwarding likely to be largest? Check your suffice at www. tt100. biz/students 16 For further explanation of the product life cycle go online to www. tt100. biz/kelloggs Logistics L Logistics is another(prenominal) name for distribution. This involves moving raw seculars to manufacturers and finish products to shops. Wincanton plc specialises in designing, implementing and operating solutions to customers supply problems. It can also manage all aspects of livery and storage of goods for other incorruptibles. This is known as supply chain management.The companys activities include moving hatful raw mater ials organising the movement of supplies to companies managing the movement of unblemished goods to customers managing warehouse facilities. Top Fact dissemination accounts for 20% (on average) of the final costs of goods to customers. For more details on logistics visit www. tt100. biz/wincanton 17 M Marketing mix Argos sack ups sure that it meets the needs of its customers. Marketing involves dread who the customers are and what they want through inwrought selective learning mentions such as sales figures and through consumer question MarketingThe right products In the right place At the right price With the right promotional activities Top Fact About 80% of Argos customers have already decided what they want to buy before visiting the monetary fund or website. Testing Times What methods can a company use to make sure it gets all these things right and reduces the risk of getting them wrong? Check your answer at www. tt100. biz/students 18 To find out more about the m arket mix check out www. tt100. biz/argos New product development N The process of bringing a new product to the market, normally establish on research and development to meet the needs of customers.It is vital that large companies use their research and development capabilities to bring to the market new, utility(a) forms of fuel and energy, whilst at the same time modifying existing fuels derived from crude oil to make them more ecologically efficient in order to reduce greenhouse mess up e get awayions. Shell has pioneered the development of several new fuels e. g. enthalpy filling stations in Iceland, USA and The Netherlands. These fuel sources use piddle and renewable electricity to provide atomic number 1 to power cars. This hydrogen is free from carbon. go off cell engines running on hydrogen could make vehicle transport truly sustainable.Hydrogen can be make locally and water is the only direct emission. Carbon emissions can be secret code if the hydrogen is produced by using renewable power to electrolyse water. Shell Hydrogen is building a commercial business to aim tapping this potential. To read this Case Study and more on Shell go to www. tt100. biz/shell 19 O Organisational functions Organisations pose their employees into different departments and areas. Cummins main activities is manufacturing engines and generators. Its departments are Manufacturing reservation engines to the highest possible quality and reducing superabundance and inefficiency.Roles inwardly manufacturing include people work on the factory shop foot as machine operators and as technicians. brass Ensuring the smooth operation of the manufacturing process by offering get administrative support. engineering Designing engines etc and exploitation the prototypes to their full potential. Sales and marketing Discovering customers needs and wants. Finding and developing sales opportunities for the companys products. human race resources Recruiting, select ing and learning staff to meet customers needs. purchasing and Logistics Ensuring that components arrive just-in-time (just before they are required for the next step in the process) and that un seizee goods are shipped around the world quickly and cost effectively. There are Case Studies about Cummins on the website. Log on and look at different areas of the business. 20 To find out more on organisational functions visit www. tt100. biz/cummins Pre-issued Case Studies P Some exams have pre-issued Case Studies ask your teacher whether there will be any in your exam. A good way to get a feel for a pre-issued Case Study is to carry a SWOT analysis.This should let you pick out the main elements and possible problems/solutions that the organisation is facing. Remember Strengths and Weaknesses are internal, Opportunities and Threats are external. You should be able to spot the main topics from the condition you are following. Make sure you fully understand these topics by logging on to www. tt100. biz and using the topic navigation to go directly to a Case Study which covers that area. This will make sure you fully understand the topic and, importantly, can apply it in an exam situation. Youll find lots of suffice exams with answers at www. t100. biz. performance answering these papers which are written in the same style as your concrete papers. This is excellent preparation. STUDENT GUIDES Check out our student guides with hints on levels of response, preparing for exams, an A-Z of help including topic summaries, definitions and much more. INTERACTIVE QUIZZES Test your intimacy with our interactive quizzes, check your results and try again to get them all right Access specifications and practice papers through www. tt100. biz/students 21 Q Quantitative &038 Qualitative market research Quantitative data is information that can be measured.Questions with yes/no answers known as closed questions are used. Qualitative data is all about peoples feelings a nd opinions. It is a lot obtained through open questions (i. e. What do you like about it? ). 1. Quantitative research. This involves collecting information from an appropriate sample of shoppers to find out what their views are of Homebase and the customer service that it offers. An important source is a postal survey which Homebase conducts amongst a sample of Spend &038 Save fealty card holders. This is done leash times a year to gauge blessedness with, and loyalty to, Homebase.The survey allows Homebase to monitor rejoicing over time and highlight any areas that may be causing customers problems. Homebase is then able to analyse the frequency of problems relating to specific areas such as customer service, layout of stores, product range and delivery service. 2. Qualitative research typically involves smaller scale research about values and views rather than disenfranchised facts. For example, qualitative research involves interviewing small groups of customers to find ou t what their views are of customer service at Homebase. Exam Tip Questions often refer to sources of data.Make sure you know a few such as questionnaire interviews web polls government sources. as well make sure you know the remainder between primary and secondary research. first research is carried out by the firm itself. Secondary research is data a company finds that has been done by person else. To read this Case Study and more on Homebase go to 22 www. tt100. biz/homebase Recruitment R This is the process from where an organisation decides it has a position vacant and needs to employ someone, to the point where application forms are submitted for the vacancy. Selection is the next step.Audi provides a statewide recruitment service to all Audi Centres, which includes role profiles, pay advice, recruitment advertising, interview guidelines and sagacity centres for selection. Audi provides job descriptions for all roles including Apprentice and Audi Technician, based on researching the activities that high quality employees will be expected to perform. Testing Times What is the difference between a Job Description and Personnel Specification? Check your answer at www. tt100. biz/students For more detail on recruitment log onto www. tt100. biz/audi 23 SStakeholders A stakeholder is any individual or group that is affected in some way by a companys activities. The following identifies some of the stakeholders in Cadbury Schweppes Stakeholder radical Interest in the company Shareholders Owners of shares in the company. These are impressioning for sustainable, healthy dividend payments originally large institutions but also include a large and a rising share price. number of individual shareholders. Consumers Millions of people worldwide who buy and/or lacking to buy treats or refreshments that provide consume Cadbury Schweppes products. hem with quality,taste and value. They also want to taste their favourite brands as well as exciting new product s. Employees People who work for the company, Cadbury Looking to the company to offer good terms and Schweppes has over 50,000 employees around the conditions of employment, a healthy and safe world. working environment and opportunities for personal and professional development. Society Organisations the company works with that have an interest in the communities in which the company operates, such as local governments, international agencies, non-governmental organisations and trade unions.abstracted the company to act responsibly and abide by the communities in which it operates. For example, assisting and supporting communities, respecting the environment, trading ethically and respecting human rights. Testing Times Customers and suppliers are also groups of stakeholders. What do they do? What do they want? Write your answer mint and check it at www. tt100. biz/students To read this Case Study and more on Cadbury Schweppes log on to 24 www. tt100. biz/cadbury Training T Train ing is the development of skills and knowledge to allow employees to carry out their roles more efficiently.Mc fall apartalds training involves a number of stages. The first is at the incur Meetings. These set out the companys standards and expectations. This is followed by a structured development programme that provides training in all areas of business. Crew trainers work shoulder-to-shoulder with trainees dapple they learn the operations skills necessary for running each of the 11 workstations in each restaurant, from the front counter to the grill area. all(prenominal) employees learn to operate stateof-the-art foodservice equipment, gaining knowledge of McDonalds operational procedures.The majority of training is fib based, or on-the-job training because people learn more and are more likely to retain information if they are able to practise as they learn. alone new employees have an initial training period. Here they are shown the basics and allowed to develop their skil ls to a level where they are qualified in each area deep down the restaurant. The timescale for this depends on their status i. e. full or part-time. They will also attend classroom-based training sessions where they will complete workbooks for quality, service and cleanliness.Testing Times Can you think of three different types of training? For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/mcdonalds 25 U Unseen Case Studies You are not expected to develop a great deal of data analysis due to the time constraints look for superior general trends in data. Has it got better or worsened? Place a + or a sign to help you when you look back. mark you use the actual figures given and not vague descriptions such as its bigger. You will get more marks is you say the data shows an subjoin of 10%. Try to look for themes within the case.What styles of management or communication can you see? Try to link these to the theory you have been taught and the specification you are following. The Ti mes 100 has created a number of practice examinations to help you prepare for your final exam. Log on and download a practice paper then check how you would have done by accessing the mark scheme online. You can access all specifications through the website using the search by exam instructions. 26 For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/students View V View all the latest Case Study and exam information at www. t100. biz. You can download all the Case Studies and view them in different sizes depending on what you want full size abridgment Brief Case. Make sure you financial support checking back on the site as it will be updated with new material to support your lessons in class and help you prepare for examinations. No matter what Business Studies course you are taking you will find all the information you need at www. tt100. biz. All the information can be downloaded which lets you design and build up an excellent set of notes for yourself to help you rescript key to pic areas. operateing how real businesses deal with the same topics you are covering in school or at home will develop your sagacity and appreciation. For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/students 27 W www. tt100. biz www. tt100. biz for all your business studies needs. severalize to suit all needs and abilities and uncommitted online. Case Studies are available at three levels full 2000 word versions as those in the binder summaries 500 word versions Brief Cases 500 word versions with shorter sentences and less technical words.Interactive Quizzes Test knowledge with these fun, interactive quizzes covering the key topics at two levels, 14-16 and 16-18. Use them with the Case Studies or on their own as revisal its up to you. Text Book Theory Save yourself time by checking out the theory whilst youre on the site. Company Information Another time-saving feature, this section has links to specific pages relevant to curriculum topics. Glossary Check out what busines s words and phrases means by using our polish of terms. STUDENT GUIDES Check out our student guides with hints 8 For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/students Xchange of ideas X Xchange ideas with your friends about topic areas. Youll probably find that your friends are really good at some of the areas you have problems with and that youll be able to help them in areas they are not so good in. Test each other with quick fire definitions and glossary of terms, all of which can be engraft on the website. Examiners like to see students using the right terms to support their work, which means they hand out a lot of marks for these areas.Dont miss out on picking up some easy marks. Why not challenge one of your friends to an online quiz? See who really does know the most about a particular topic, and if you dont do so well, practice so that next time youll come out on top both in the quiz and in class. For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/students 29 Y You You need to reassure that you are fully prepared for your examination. Past papers are excellent practice. You can get most of them free from the examination circuit board website with answers. You can access these from the links on www. tt100. biz.Just reading theory and business books will help to a point, but seeing how it really works will stick in your memory much better. The Times 100 Case Studies are written and designed to help you see how theory works in the real business world. Start making your own revision guides up. Pick out the split from the Case Studies which interest and stimulate you. foreland mapping topics is a really good way to remember key areas. Look at the following you can develop this as far as you need to. A Case Study like Arcadia will help you. Autocratic egalitarian Characteristics Management StylesTheory Paternalistic sheath of organisation 30 For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/students ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz Z Make sure you get plenty of rest before your exams. This means dont leave the revision similarly late and try and cram it all in the night before. Research shows that little and often means you learn and remember more. Make sure you plan your time. direct up a revision timetable which also builds in time for when you are not studying. Exercise and fresh air are equally important and reserve will your body in shape as The Times 100 will keep your mind in shape.Starting revision early will ensure you dont put yourself under lush pressure and will allow you to identify topic areas that you are weak on or find difficult to understand. By identifying and tackling them early on you wont be worrying about them. Dont forget you can ceaselessly ask your teacher for advice and guidance. Remember simple things such as keeping yourself hydrate can make a great difference. So drink plenty of water www. tt100. biz For more information log on to www. tt100. biz/students 31 Something new for Edition 10At the toilet of our web pages you will find a magnifying glass. Behind some of the magnifying glasses there is a hidden letter. Collect the earn and re-arrange them to spell a well-known business studies term. Once you have registered your answer on our competition page, you will be asked a simple question, connected to the term. This will ensure your entry into our competition prize draw, where one lucky winner will call for vouchers for the High Street store of their choice. Go to www. tt100. biz and start searching today. sizable luck

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