Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Felicia Hemans and To My Own Portrait versus William Wordsworth and Tin

Visions of the Past Felicia Hemans & William WordsworthI leave here flack to give an idea of the links between Felicia Hemans and William Wordsworth. I will begin with a brief biography of Hemans, followed by a grimace at the relationship between Hemans and Wordsworth. I will end with a short comparison of Hemans poem To My Own Portrait and Tintern Abbey.Hemans Biography 1 natural Felicia Dorothea visage in Liverpool in 1793 and raised in northernmost Wales, Hemans was largely home-schooled by her mother. Considered a child prodigy by her family, she love Shakespeare, was well read in some(prenominal) languages, and is said to have been commensurate to quote passages from literature at length after only oneness reading. Felicia also studied music and drawing, and was later to include several of her sketches as frontispieces for her publications. She began writing as early as the age of eight, and her starting time volume, Poems was published by subscription in 1808 when she was only 14. The collection was met with some raspy reviews, which, although upsetting to the young poet, did not lessen her passion for writing. In fact, the like year saw the publication of England and Spain, or Valour and Patriotism. This volume was belike inspired by the service of her elder brothers, who both entered the army at an early age, and served in the Peninsular Campaigns in Spain. As her sister Anne Browne was later to write in her posthumous biography of Hemans, trumpets and banners instanter floated through her dreams in which birds and flowers had once reigned paramount. 2Felicias father left his wife and children in 1810 to move to Upper Canada, effectively ending all contact with his family. By this time Felicia was engaged in correspondence with Captain Alfre... ... V. 1. Hemans support and Works, 1839. P. 264. Hemans, Felicia. Quoted by Anne Browne. Memoir of Mrs. Hemans. V. 1. Hemans Life and Works, 1839. P. 2515. Byron, Lord. From a letter to the Hon. D ouglas Kinnaird, family line 17th, 1820. Byron A Self-Portrait, Letters and Diaries 1798-1824. V. II. London John Murray, 1950.6. Jeffrey, Lord. Edinburgh Review. October, 1829.7. The information for this section is taken from two sources Wolfson, Susan & Peter Manning. The Longman Anthology of British Literature The Romantics and Their Contemporaries. V. 2A. New York Longman, 1999. Kennedy, Deborah. Hemans, Wordsworth, and the Literary Lady. Victorian Poetry. 353 Fall 1997. 267-286.8. Quoted in Kennedy, p. 268.9. Quoted in Kennedy, p. 270.10. Kennedy, p. 270.11. Quoted in Kennedy, p. 273.12. Longman Anthology, p. 736.

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