Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Saudi Women Essay -- Saudi Arabia

Abstract Saudi-Arabian Arabia is one of the few countries that perform specific laws regarding women only. A woman is considered to be a second word form citizen who must depend on a male relative in all situations. Until recently, women did not have their own recognition cards reissue from those of their fathers or husbands. Women were also special(a) to certain levels of education such as elementary or secondary school levels. More than that, they were restricted to limited job opportunities. The laws also prohibit a woman from driving a car regardless of her age or whatever situation she whitethorn face. She must be driven by a man. This system worked vigorous in the early days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when it became a land in 1932, but it causes major difficulties and constraints in todays world. For example, a woman having her identification card connected to her husbands makes it hard for her in cases of traveling or performing businesses. Moreover, it is not alwa ys easy for a woman to find somebody who can give her a ride, especially if she is working in a job. Furthermore, not all families can afford hiring a driver. Because these rules set for Saudi women resulted in major restrictions, the Saudi governance is considering improving them. Although the Saudi government is working on granting women some of their rights in the Saudi society, many good deal still argue that the situation in Saudi Arabia is static. The following judge discusses the pass of womens issues in the kingdom.IDENTIFICATION CARDSThere has been much progress in womens rights in Saudi Arabia in the last few years. oneness of the most important events in the year 2001 was issuing women identity cards. in advance that, Saudi women were listed on the papers of a male... ...le consider that not the government. 4) Do you recover Saudi men and women are treated equally? hold up a reason to support youre answer.No they are not treated equally. Women cant do anything wi thout a man5) Do you cogitate Saudi Arabia has evolved regarding women?Yes6) What do you think of Saudi Arabias education for women? is it ontogeny? It used to be bad but now its developing rapidly.7) Do you think women should drive in Saudi? And list why? approximately times driving is necessary like driving to the emergency unless a lot of people cant afford drivers. 8) Are in that respect enough job opportunity for women in Saudi?Yes.9) Do you think women should only be house wifes?No10) Do you think that Saudis development regarding women is slow?why?Yes, buts its getting faster by time. It is slow because people in Saudi Arabia do not seize change quickly.

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