Sunday, March 3, 2019

Qualities of a Good Nurse Essay

Qualities of a level-headed NurseIntroduction I was prompted to founder nursing because of several life receives. I used to feel bewildered when I saw one of my family members fall ill and I could not do anything to supporter them ease their agony. I would sit and get heavyset thought and wishes that I could help if only I had appropriate training. I observed how the draws were kind and caring whenever any of my family members fell ill. I unremarkably became compassionate since their agony could not be alleviated. I am sharp to join nursing and cannot regret about of my decision. Nursing is more of a calling than just a mere finagleer. The validation of this paper is to cozy up the life experiences and desir able-bodied traits of a maintain. There are both high-priced and worse experiences in nursing art however, they never scared me out from this profession. I am gradually learning and developing as an individualist and become more enthusiastic about nursing profess ion both day. The satisfaction I accrue everyday is overwhelming, since it feels great to help an opposite(prenominal)s in their time of need. The experiences I got when I saw my family members fall ill do me acknowledge that I wanted to be part of the nursing profession and that I had expertness to fit in nursing profession. I got touch with a feeling of fulfillment, purpose, knowing that I could touch someones life. I learnt a lot of things from the nurses who attended my mother when she was ill (Bluni, 2009). My experience with the nurses helped me to learn that listening skills and communication alongside care and comfort help the nurses to promote patients health mentally, physically and emotionally. The nurses attended my mother on a daily basis and honestly cared about her situation. The nurses were capable to communicate with other patients, doctors and the other workers effectively. Stellar nurses are able to follow instructions with minimal supervision and easiness i n communicating with families and patients. A erect nurse should be an advocate for their patients and predict their needs. Successful communication ability in nursing profession builds up high level of satisfaction opus putting off medical misfortunes. Nurses should also listen keenly to orders from their doctors and represent notes where necessary (Watson, 1898). I came to learn that nurses can work in various(a) tasks, but they should also collaborate with fellow workers. Nurses cannot put up effective care to all patients without help from others, because some situations are hard to handle and random. For the nurses to provide effective services to their patients, they require teamwork (Gokenbach, 2013). I realized that a good nurse should be compassionate. They should be concerned about the family and the patient who is undergoing pain. A great nurse should be empathetic by listening and grounds the challenges facing their patients. Finally, I learnt that a good nurse sho uld be helpless. The nurse who was attending my mother could miss lunch to hold her hand. In other experiences, some nurses did extraordinary things for patients simply because they were helpless (Bluni, 2009). In conclusion, life experiences with hurt family members provoked me to join nursing profession. I came to learn I had capacity to touch someones life, and this was only through nursing. There are several desirable traits of a stellar nurse that are compassionate, selfless, caring, gauzy communication skills and self-awareness. These qualities help nurses to provide efficient services to their patients and be able to work as a team to accomplish their duties.References5 Things That use up a Good Nurse Great. (n.d.). Retrieved September 10, 2014, from http//, R. (2009). Inspired nurse. Gulf Breeze, FL call forth Starter Pub..Watson, F. S. (1898). On Some of the Qualities Necessary for Being a Good Nurse. The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 138(10), 217-220.Source document

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