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CHANGE MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

CHANGE MANAGEMENT - Essay ExampleThe organisation is undergoing switch over in the c are structure in order to acquire better efficiency. The organisation was unable to reach the target macrocosm and was also incapable of reaching the desired target. Thus, a neuter has been proposed which can help to make meaningful differences in operational system. The objective of the essay is to describe the change procedure of Children and juvenile People serve up by using different change management standards and theories. Description of Change Process The change lick of Children and Young People Service has occurred through three phases. The first phase involves understanding the reasons for restructuring in the organisation. In this phase, a proposal has been made and justification for change has been real. In the second phase, management team has been developed and change management models have been selected. The management team evaluated the present operational structure and estab lished unseasoned operational structure on the basis of proposed objectives. ... While changes occur to individuals jobs, and at times they disagree with the change, revisal is internal in nature and it occurs in the mind of individuals during the change act. Thus, it helps to deal with the sentiments of individuals throughout the change process (Bridges & Mitchell, 2012). A weakness of the model is that it cannot be considered as a substitute for other approaches for change management. Moreover, the model cannot be regarded as an independent model for change management (Bridges & Mitchell, 2012). Strengths and Weakness of ADKAR Model The key effectuality of this model is that it delivers valuable management specifications which directly deal with people related aspects of change. Besides, this model permits for concentrating on those functions which are useful for accomplishing the desired outcome (Hiatt, 2006). However, one significant weakness of this model is that it fails t o differentiate between the roles of leaders and management it simply ignores the requirement of leadership and concentrates on managing the change (Hiatt, 2006). Identification and Description of Models used in Change Management ADKAR Model of Change in Planning In the change management of Children and Young People Service, it can be recognised that ADKAR model of change has been followed within the planning process. ADKAR model states that in order to plan any kind of change, at first, there is a need for generating the desire for change among the members of organisation. Without proper desire the organisational members will be unable to participate in the change process and the change will become a failure. Awareness

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