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Compare the ways in which Wordsworth presents London in Upon Westminster Bridge with Blakes view of London in his poem London

capital of the United Kingdom, the best place you could ever dream of or the worst nightm atomic number 18? London in 1700s was a different city, they didnt control cars instead of that they had horses, there was less pollution and fewer roads. People used to wear more formal clothes. In this piece of coursework I am tone ending to compare London by William Blake and Upon com/in-westminster-abbey-analysis/Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth used to live on countryside, he only seen the substantiating side of London as William Blake lived in London and power saw the realistic world. Blake only has seen the negative side of London.When you are expression from the bridge you can have a good overview and the perverting side about looking from the bridge is that you cant see the details because you are distances. Wordsworth visit London in the morning and in most of the countrys in the morning everything is quiet because the city is asleep. Wordsworth had a sad life because when he was around 8 years his mother died, and when he was 13 his father died, when he visited London that could be a romp from problems that he might have and be able to forget about the sad moments.He also might feel that he is not overruled by somebody else, he could feel free. Both of the meters are about London but both of them got different background. Blake see the negative side when he write Blasts the new-born Infants tear by this bring up we can tell that every one live with a fear. Every child that was born must have a bad life because in those times they mums might been a prostitute because if a women needs money she was able to sell herself because she wasnt able to find a break-dance job. The poor plenty werent able to be educated.Poor people in their times would be always poor. As Wordsworth seen only the good side of London but he never lived there so how could he rate London when he visits it only once? The watcher of the morning silent, bar e, ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples by this quote we can see that he had pen the poem in the morning when everybody is about to wake up. He tells the way as he sees it or imagines it, he is not realistic. The word tear could also be a tear of happiness as well as of sadness. William Blake was a somebody that strongly was interest in religions.In the first stanza he repeats himself twice, once by using charterd. This shows that he is talking about the characters of people he saw this as robbing ordinary people of their right and freedoms. The second repetition he used was the word marks. This has a double meaning one of them could be that the physical damages that are being made and leaving marks in everybody minds and they cant forget about it. The other meaning could be that he is collecting evidences as he walks around. Blakes poem is full of negative speech communication that he used in every stanza such as blood, weakness, cry and many more.The poem ends with words m arriage hearse for everyone marriage is such a great thing but he compared it to funerals. This might shows that he prefers to be lonely. William Wordsworth used his imagination when he was create verbally the poem as well as being on the bridge and seeing the realistic world. He written something that cant happens in realistic world, The beauty of the morning like a garment, the city cannot be wearing clothes, but its already clothed itself by nature. Wordsworth used list to describe the things he was seeing. He doesnt only show positive language in line 1, 9 and 11 he used negative language.Most of the lines contain positive language words like bright, glittering, splendour and glideth create a magical world that is being like it fake and unrealistic. The poem is written as a sonnet which doesnt just show love but it shows the poets love for London. The average number of syllables in each line is 10. William uses this because it suggests that he doesnt necessitate anything to ch ange in London. The poem is very peaceful and calm. Evidence for this is never did sun more beautifully steep. This shows that London was a beautiful place, very calm, and a lot of country side might not have many buildings around.William Wordsworth writes about what he can see in the morning when he stands on Westminster Bridge. The beauty of the morning is evidence for this. It is written in the 3rd person and is also in the present tense. This shows that it was happening as he was writing the poem. This also helps the lecturer to visualise what is happening and to understand the poem more. The sestet is about how the poet feels. Evidence for this is Neer saw I, never felt, calm so deep. It is in the 1st person and is partially in the past tense, he shows positive language. Blakes format of the poem is like lyrics of a song.There are four stanzas, all of them shows different facial gesture of the city. Every single stanza talks about something else. His poem is like snapshots of loads of different scenes. In my opinion both of the poetess have right to give their let opinion, like every human being. William Blake showed the bad side of London and Wordsworth the good side, both of them has right to show the differences every person got different views for certain things. Blake was show the negative things to show what makes him angry as Wordsworth has made his poem calm and enjoyable for everyone.

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