Monday, May 20, 2019

Jewellery Sector in West Bengal

The main purpose of this report card was to examine the migration profile of the workers in the Gold and Jewellery Sector of due west Bengal and as well as to study the fulfil of skill formation of the workers in this sector. The entire study was based on a primary espouse conducted on a sample size of 60 individuals spread over 4 different regions of West Bengal Sinthi, Bowbazar, Basirhat and DomJur. In the first part of my study, I examined the pattern of migration of the Jewellery artists in these areas. I also cited the human beings of a large number of in-migrants, circular and return migrants in this ector.In the next part, I studied in details the process of skill formation of the workers and showed how the period of apprenticeship was crucial in the career of a jewelry artist. I also explained the wage vriation between the skilled, unskilled and semiskilled workers in Basirhat and also attempted to pull in a link between skill, income and migration of the workers. In the last part of my analysis, I attempted give a comparative study analysis of these areas with respect to the nature of the migrant workers, conditions of work, income and pattern of migration.Acknowledgements I take this probability to sway my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this project. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Swati Ghosh, Department of Economics, Rabindra Bharati University, who was extremely helpful and offered in precious assistance, support and guidance. Her willingness to motivate contributed tremendously to the succesful completion my project. Deepest gratitude is also due to Prof. Sukanata Saha without whose knowledge and assistance this study would not have been successful.To the Jewellery workers and shop-owners of Sinthi, Bow Bazaar, Basirhat and DomJur, I square heartedly thank you for your kindness, co-operation and patience. Without your support, this project would not have materialized. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kaushik Mukherjee (Bowbazar), Mr. Subhash Sarkar ( Atoshi Jewellers, Basirhat ) for their valuable help and guidance during my survey. And last but not least, special thanks also to all my class-mates, for sacramental manduction the literature and providing invaluable assistance during the survey.

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