Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ami-Quebec and Forward House Community Service Essay

Ami-Quebec and antecedent House Community Service - Essay ExampleThe researcher visited Ami- Quebec community center and Forward House community center. Ami-Quebec community center is located in Boulevard Decarie, Montreal in Canada. Its contact numbers are (514-486-1448) for those within Montreal and (1-877-303-0264) for those outside Montreal. Ami-Quebec is a psychological facility that aims at helping families cope with the effects of kind illness through education, information, support, and advocacy. The center also aims at raising public awareness of noetic illnesses and dispelling the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness. Ami-Quebec center adopts various programs to support the community. One of the programs adopted is the education programs. This program aims at educating families living with Borderline record Disorder. The other program is through the use of support groups. These groups allow the interaction of peers through weekly private sessions whereby members are encouraged to share in a small group setting. Similarly, the facility makes use of counseling as a one-on-one service program that addresses the challenges encountered by caregivers when providing care to someone with a mental illness. Forward House community is located in Parksville, Canada. The facility provides care to patients with persistent mental health and addiction recovery. The facility aims at meeting the physical, emotional, mental, and apparitional needs of the clients, both the patients and their families and friends. This facility has several partners.

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