Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Madeleine-Leininger Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Madeleine-Leininger - Assignment ExampleShe highlighted that the conjecture had its basis on comparative purification care. The document likewise describes the ethnonursing research method that Leininger developed when developing her theory. In addition, models and enablers used in the ethnonursing research method are also described in depth. From this document, it poses evident that the numerous factors, which can be categorized as both diverse and universal cultural factors that influence nursing care.From the document, the strengths of the ethnonursing research method become evident to the reader. It is intriguing to analyze Leiningers understanding of culture care in her effort to form the foundation of transcultural nursing. All the definitions and concepts used in her theory are well explained in this overview document. A close analysis of the document helped me understand the different constructs that define the culture care theory. I also realized that transcultural nursi ng was the field developed by Leininger after describing her theory successfully (Madeleine-Leininger.com, 2014). This field utilizes both cultural differences and similarities in an effort to leave assistance that matches the needs of people from different cultures. The context under which Leininger developed her theory is also given attention in the document (Leininger, 2008).Doctor Madeleine Leininger calls her theory Culture Care Diversity and Universality as highlighted in the info-facts section. It is identified as the only theory that focuses on transcultural nursing (Leininger, 2008).After reading the info-facts section, I had the impression that Dr. Leininger is an experienced professional in the nursing field. She had conducted wide research in an effort to develop her theory. She has been recognized for her efforts in launching the transcultural nursing field. Notably, she is the author of 28 books, more than 300 articles, and about 60 chapters. This makes it evident th at she is a resourceful

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