Thursday, July 25, 2019

Business Environment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Business Environment - Assignment Example For instance, the above mentioned values of P&G has resulted in creation of top quality workforce that feels pride in working for this multinational corporation. In addition, the company has strong loyal customer base that endorses novel ideas and products through acquisitions and purchases. The main objective of P&G is to target lower-middle, middle-middle and elite customers and enhance its market share through constant focus on innovation, differentiation and branding so that it could become largest FMCG Corporation worldwide (Internet: Ryanair is a UK based air travel services provider with a mission to provide no-frills low cost travel services to customers from middle – middle and lower - middle social classes who have inclination to save maximum amount of their hard-earn money. Ryanair, although, does not offer any top quality facilities to passengers, yet it has been famous and enjoys largest customer passenger base because of lowest fares compared to all othe r UK airlines. The core values of Ryanair are cost leadership and employee satisfaction, which gives this carrier an edge over rivals. The main objectives are to maintain cost-efficiency and no-frills services quality in extremely challenging business environment (Internet: The major difference between mission statements of both organisations is that P&G is more focused towards value-addition and offering branded production at higher prices (no compromises over product quality) whereas Ryanair is strictly concerned with cost-efficiency even through taking back some facilities from passengers. Stakeholders of both organisations are their employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and government authorities. The stakeholders of P&G have achieved their objectives by becoming associated with a top quality brand offering corporation, which highly values inputs of all associated personnel for well-being and growth. The partners, employees and customers are penchant to continue their relationships with P&G in the long run. The stakeholders of Ryanair have accomplished their objectives by investing and acquiring ownerships in a profitable firm that maximises their wealth through generation of profits and disbursements in the form of dividends. The responsibilities of both organisations include production and sales of want-satisfying goods and services through use of socially responsible procedures, employee safety, legal compliance, payment of taxes, maximisation of shareholders’ wealth, accountability to stakeholders and environmental protection. P&G has designed an in-depth code of conduct and constitution to ensure they fulfill aforementioned responsibilities. For instance, P&G has also developed 5-year and 10-year plans for reduction of carbon emissions to ensure greater environmental protection (P&G Report, 2010). Ryanair has strict internal regulations and committees that opt to monitor all business operations, thereby attempting compliance with legal and environmental laws followed by organisational policies (Ryanair Report, 2010). Task 2 As far utilisation of resources is concerned, it is worthwhile to mention that P&G focuses heavily on workers’ individual performance and productivity. Also, the corporation inducts latest machinery / equipment so that it could automate business process and maximise productivity through

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