Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Information report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Information report - Essay Example There are several languages used by the Indians such as Hindi and English. However, Hindi is the official and national language of the people (Manian 238). English is just a language of the few elites from other nations like the UK or the US. It, thus, became quite challenging for us to communicate with most people whom we required their labor. We needed workers who could handle some parts of our projects like removing dike from the construction sites to various landfills. India is also a place where hierarchy is considered an important political element. It plays a key role in governing the behaviors of people in India, as well as, the responsibility of every person in the Indian society. Hinduism and caste system in the region outline the roles of every person. I managed to notice that in our company, manual labor could only done by a â€Å"peon.† An absence of the peon will mean no manual work done. This is a waste of time for most construction firms in India, including ours. Carrying out a business activity in India, including engineering, requires one to know the basic etiquettes in greeting and meeting. Indians are well known with the use of Namaste in their greetings. In this case, people bring their palms together, mainly at the chest level with a slight head bow (Waters 109). Indians are also popular by modification and changing of names for individuals whom they consider their guests or visitors from abroad. Any guest bearing the name, Singh will be called Sikh (Bose 53). In addition to that, receiving and issue of any material in an Indian community must be done using the right hand; using the left hand is a show of disrespect to the other party. Generally doing business in India requires certain important considerations before and few days after the entry into the country. Since English is the international language used in commerce, it is recommended that translation service be

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