Saturday, August 24, 2019

Report on a project that has occurred or is occurring in the public or Research Paper

Report on a project that has occurred or is occurring in the public or community or corporate sector - Research Paper Example Producing and processing gas in sea where it is extracted is a major contributing factor towards innovation and reducing cost. It will also make new energy sources accessible. The major characteristics of a project are that it is temporary in nature (Pinto, 2010). This means that it has a starting date and an ending date. Besides this the outcome of the project must be unique in nature. It must be either in the form of a product, service or result. This project initiated by shell has several societal benefits and it has the potential to bring revolution in the ways natural gas is produced. BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT This section of the report will discuss about the project and discuss measures which initiate the project. The expected deliverables and the outcomes of the project will be discussed along with the organizational details. Overcoming certain barriers like cost, time, quality, scope and risk are the main objectives of the project (Atkinson, 1999). This is because all these f actors contribute directly to its success. The main objective of the project is to save cost and utilize the time that is allotted to the project in the most efficient manner (Harrison, and Lock, 2004). Timely completion of the project and proper management of the resources will improve the quality delivered. New projects or expansion strategies of the business involve risk associated to it. The efficiencies of implementation of the process can reduce the risk (Hamilton, 2004). The project of Shell prelude (FLNG) is owned by Shell. It is located on the Western shore of Australia. The project was started in 2011 and is expected to be completed in 2015 (Shell, 2013a). Shell is planning to develop large gas resources and explore more reserves across Australia. The company also has interest in acquiring new coal reserves and expanding its exploration boundaries. The development phase of Prelude FLNG project was constructed from the contribution of six hundred engineers from across the w orld. A model of the project was designed which was tested in artificial sea conditions. This was done to test the model against the pressure of winds and waves (Shell, 2013c). The FLNG project after construction is estimated as the largest floating offshore facility (Offshore Technology, 2012). It will be 488 meters long and it will weigh 600,000 tons if loaded to full capacity. The total weight of steel used for building the FLNG project would be 260,000 tons (Shell, 2013a). This project is innovative because it will accommodate all the functions which were performed on land earlier. The FLNG will allow ease of production, liquefaction of natural gas, storage of gas in liquid form to reduce the storage cost and allow transfer at sea. Initiation of developing projects like these will help open offshore natural gas fields (Shell, 2013b). These projects are costlier to operate and difficult to develop on land. Development of FLNG will resolve these issues. Shell has initiated this pr oject with the collaboration of contractor Technip Samsung Consortium (TSC). TSC has an agreement with Shell of providing multiple facilities like engineering, manage the procurement of goods required for production, provide construction facilities and ensure proper installation of the FLNG facility. The site selected for the project is of the prelude gas field located on Northwest coast of Australia. After completion of this project about 350 direct

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