Friday, September 13, 2019

Change managment Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Change managment - Literature review Example The rapid development of science and technology, changes in life styles and life philosophies of people, changes in the consumer psychologies and buying behaviors etc made change inevitable in organizational world. Management of changes in the organizational world is difficult because of various reasons. Employees often resist changes because of their preconceived perception that any changes taking place in the organizational world are intended for maximizing the profits of the organization through increasing the workloads of the employees. Competitors often raise stiff competition which forces an organization to think of changing its normal procedures, policies and business philosophies to stay or survive in the market. In any case, change is avoidable in organizational world and the success and the failures of an organization depend on the ability of the organization in implementing or managing the changes positively. Change management has typically been defined as a process involv ing unfreezing, moving, and refreezing values, practices, and procedures within organizations. Unfreezing refers to the creation of a perceived discrepancy between the existing and ideal state of an organization that generates a desire for change and lowers people’s resistance to change. ... This paper analyses available literatures to get more insights about organization learning, organizational effectiveness and the role of change management.   The need of change management to an organization â€Å"The journey of Change Management starts with a Request for Change†(Doherty, 2006, p.5). It could be from external sources like customers or internal sources like the employees. Customers may often demand improvement in services they received from the organization Same way employees may also complain about the increased work load or lack of work-life balancing they are facing. These things can force the organization to implement changes in its functioning. Other conditions that facilitate organizational change are; â€Å"A dramatic crisis, Leadership turnover, Stage of life-cycle, Age of the organization, Size of organization, Strength of current culture etc† (Approaches to Change Management, n. d, p.1). It is not necessary that the market conditions always re main stable. Market can fluctuate any time depending on the economic and political changes happening across the world. Such fluctuations can result in dramatic crisis in organizational world as we witnessed recently because of global recession. It is difficult for an organization to stick with same policies even on crisis situations. Many organizations reduced their manpower and asked the remaining employees to work more in order to cut the expenses and to escape from the recent recession. Changes are often implemented in an organization because of the changes in leadership also. It is not necessary that the leadership styles of one person are similar to that of other people.

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