Friday, September 27, 2019

Informative presentation, persuasive PowerPoint Presentation

Informative , persuasive - PowerPoint Presentation Example Training is a sort of meeting that draws individuals with the same agenda or line of work together giving them an opportunity to mingle and share their experiences as well as their thought of how to tackle the challenges. Training is an integral part for a company seeking to climb the ladder and be successful in their area of business. It holds the key to unlocking unrealized talents and untapped skills while at the same time improving the environmental conditions for the business as effects of training come into effect. While we do conquer that training is essential, it is important to outline some of the reasons why companies and businesses insist on training its people. First off, it helps employees to understand the job market as it is in its present state, to move along with the trends in the market and this helps the business appeal to new share holders and financiers, to be a force to recon with for potential employees and for employees to learn how to conduct themselves while on official duty. Communication cuts deep within the organization and not just the ordinary exchange of pleasantries and this is also taught while in training. Training programs also focus on getting the best all round employees and imparting a different skill set so that they can handle duties assigned to them in future which they may have not necessarily been prepared for while at the university/college. Training programs follow a strict schedule and timeline. It has to be planned for in advance and communicated to the people set to undergo it. Other things that need to be done include pairing up experts with trainees where they learn through apprenticeship. This means that the expert will work on a project while the trainee takes notes and this goes on for about a week before they are given the go ahead to attempt and do what they have been witnessing. This, however, lies with the complexity of the field of operation in

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