Sunday, September 8, 2019

Prokaryotuc and eukarytotic cell & endocrine and exocine glands Essay - 1

Prokaryotuc and eukarytotic cell & endocrine and exocine glands - Essay Example Prokaryotic cells only have a plasma membrane while eukaryotic cells have organelles with membranes such as nuclear membrane (Campbell and Farrell 15). No nucleus is present in prokaryotic cells but there is a nuclear region with the help of which, the cell takes all its controlling directions. In addition, prokaryotes also have a single molecule of DNA that is circular in shape. Nucleus is the most important and unique part of eukaryotic cells and maximum DNA of the cell is present in the nucleus and multiple molecules are present (Campbell and Farrell 16). In prokaryotes, DNA is located in the nuclear region that does not have any membrane while in eukaryotes, DNA is enclosed in Nucleus covered by nuclear envelope (Black 80). Cell division in prokaryotic cells takes place through binary fission while in eukaryotic cells, reproduction is with the processes of mitosis and meiosis. In prokaryotic cells, only asexual reproduction takes place while in eukaryotic cells, asexual as well as sexual reproduction take place (Black 80). Prokaryotes as well as eukaryotes can be autotrophic (generating food themselves) as well as heterotrophic (getting food from other sources). Examples of prokaryotes are bacteria while plants and animals can be taken as examples of eukaryotes. Human body contains a system called endocrine system containing glands responsible for discharging their secretions. Endocrine glands are responsible for discharging their secretions within the body while exocrine glands secrete on the body surface. Endocrine glands secrete internally while exocrine glands secrete externally. The secretions that are secreted by the glands are the hormones (Clark 229). Exocrine glands secrete with the support of ducts while in endocrine glands, no distinct ducts are present for transferring secretions due to which, endocrine glands secrete

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