Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Housing Market in the UK Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

The Housing Market in the UK - Research Paper Example In other words, I am analyzing how the dependent variable is affected by the independent variable. My investigation is in B9. In my study, a dependent variable is a number of the bedroom while the independent variable is the price.   The data that I use in this report are first-hand data that I collected in the field. I visited over 100 houses of different types located in different places in the UK. My study covered different places in the UK. These include west London, hull city, North London and Westham Though I didn’t find the prices of some houses, I was able to find them on the agents websites. The agents post the photographs and information about the houses on their websites for the potential buyers from different places to see them. I also visited the agent’s offices to find out some information which was not available on the internet. I obtain questionnaires to obtain information from all the respondents that I met.   New homes have become more popular in the present age than ever. Developers have made efforts to create new homes that boast fabulous designs, energy saving and with excellent building qualities. Thousands of houses are now on sale by these new homeowners in the UK. A study has hence been carried out to obtain the general view of the housing market focusing on the housing prices, type and size of the house for sale.   The collected data is analyzed using different SPSS. The statistical aspects that the analysis looks into include mean, median, skewness, price kurtosis, variance and standard deviation of the collected information.     

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