Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Mapuche: People of the Earth Essay -- Papers

The Mapuche: People of the Earth The Mapuche, also known as the Araucano, were said to be the first people in the region south of Chile's Biobio River. Archaeological excavations show evidence of their culture dating back to 12,000 years. They were indigenous people that were inhabited originally in the southern portion of Chile in and around Region IX. They had well developed societies, impressive art, and the people were accomplished warriors. The leader what they call toqui was the Maximum Chief in war, and his power was symbolized by an engraved stone hatchet. The Spanish never successfully conquered the Mapuche. They were the only Hispano American nation hat was never vanquished. The Spanish captain won many battles before dying in the battle against the Mapuche. Although the Spanish had better weapons, the Mapuche observed the Spanish style of fighting, and took from it and were able to use what they gathered to help them win. However The Chileans defeated them after 30 years of constant war. In 1883 Chile beg an deposing Mapuches of land, eventually ceding 428,000 hectares, ...

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