Monday, October 21, 2019

buy custom And Tango Makes Three Essay Sample

buy custom And Tango Makes Three Essay Sample And Tango Makes Three An Analysis of the And Tango Makes Three Essay The childrens book, And Tango Makes Three is about a pair of Chinstrap Penguins called Silo and Roy whose home is in New Yorks Central Park Zoo. Written by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson, it is a true story covering six years of the lives of the penguin pair. The story begins when the two penguins formed a couple and were given a fertilized egg to nurture. They duly did their duty until Tango - a baby penguin - was hatched. However, as this And Tango Makes Three essay will demonstrate, the book caused a considerable amount of controversy. In 2006, for example, the American Library Association received close to 550 formal requests for the book to be removed from libraries (Suhr 7). One of the most convincing representations for removing the book related to the fact the penguins were both male and their pairing was of a homosexual nature (Mitrano 14). From a critical examination of the book, however, it comes across to the reader that homosexual activity is something that simply h appens and does not represent the opinions of homophobes. Moreover, the accusations of the book being immoral were based on the fact that Silo and Roy share the same nest and sleep in it together. Yet it is unlikely that the targeted readers children aged four years to eight will associate this with sexual behavior.

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