Friday, October 4, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 17

Case Study Example The other cause was the statement by the apprentices that they never felt that they were learning anything and were preparing to leave. The apprentices did not do any meaningful work apart from chopping and cutting things, sweeping and mopping the floor. The other reason is that Hank, the banquet chef failed to meet with her and discuss her work schedule as had been promised. The action proved the statements from the other apprentices. The leadership and the management of Shady Lane Inn played a big role in the negative perception of Marietta concerning the company in various ways. First, they did not follow the training schedule and did not review the apprentices journals. The management did not supervise the apprentices as seen when Hank left Marietta with the others and arrived very rate. The leaders are not trustworthy from the way they do not review their apprentices work as they promised, which make them stay there longer than anticipated. The management of the company also lacks honesty, a fact displayed when Hank forces Marietta to have a positive attitude towards the company for her to stay longer. The steps that were necessary for Marietta to have a positive attitude are good supervision for instance Hank should have given her work himself instead of leaving her in the hands of the other apprentices. The apprentices should have explained to Marietta on the method to slice the onions instead of waiting until she was half way. Hank should have made an effort to meet Marietta as promised to create a good relationship and a sense of commitment. Shady Lane Company should do a number of things to avoid creating a negative attitude to the future apprentices by employing responsible managers for supervisory work. The top leaders should always make a follow-up ensure that the other managers are doing their work perfectly. The company management should analyse the apprentices views and their feelings about the company and

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