Saturday, October 19, 2019

Velocity 2 - Part II Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Velocity 2 - Part II - Assignment Example In my opinion, this creates more waste. The reason this is said is that such employees who are neglected rather refuse to add any value to the organization. It is therefore important to identify lack of employee utilization as a major bottleneck within the organization, which is worth addressing for the collective success of the organization (King, 2011). The points you raised are very important and useful for any organization that wants to clearly identify why it is not improving. This is because conflict among management can be a major hindrance that will retard the growth of organizations. As an insight to the situation, I believe that most organizations come to face this bottleneck when there is lack of clear consensus as to who should take leadership affair and manage the organization. Most of the time, everyone wants to be a leader of their own, creating so much conflict of ideas (King, 2011). There is however a way out to dealing with this situation. Instead of everyone seeing themselves as bosses, the company can employ the use of shared responsibility, where specific roles are defined to each person. After this, each person must be given clear demarcations as to where their authority ends. Then more importantly, the roles of the leaders must be joined together with the collective goal of the organization so as to avoid the w aste of leadership resources (Jacob,

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