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buy custom Healing Hospital A Brave Paradigm essay

buy custom Healing Hospital A Brave Paradigm essay A healing hospital is characterized by historical beliefs and values, where care is realized through the very objective of healing. Healing hospital refers to the provision of loving care to the ill person, and his/her families as well. It generally supports the caring culture (Chapman, 2003). In the modern healthcare industry, the main emphasis is on the advanced technology, modern treatments and medicines as well as invasive diagnostic procedures. In most times, the providers of health care services forget to provide a compassionate and loving care for the ill. Therefore, this essay discusses the components of healing hospitals, their relationship to spirituality together with the challenges of creating a healing environment in light of the barriers and complexities of the hospital environment. The ideas in the essay will be supported by a biblical passage. The healing hospital is usually different from a conventional hospital due to the powerful caring nature and love background applied in it (Chapman, 2003). One of the main components is a healing physical environment. This brings out the concept of taking care of the ill with love, while interacting closely with their families. The hospital environment can not be influenced by any physical turbulence in the form of strange noises, gloomy hospital arrangements, unskilled care providers, monotonous procedures and occurrences. The creation of a calm, pleasant, and loving environment will assist the patient and his/her family to deal with sickness and strain. A room with enough windows and light can show the world outside and help patients wake up quickly, orient with time in a quick way, and at the same time, gain speedy recovery. The healing physical environment attracts spiritual services. Spiritual buildings give some hope to the sick in form of the favorable physical environment (Eb erst, n.d). Thus, if the hospitals are built in a manner that resembles a religious worship building, like a mosque or a church, while saying prayers, providing religious relic, listening to the word of God, and listening to religous music, could have positive impact on the family and their sick members. Another aspect is the integration of technology and work design. Technology makes it possible for the care providers to work in an efficient way and provide extra security and privacy to the families and patients. Through the creation of a respite area for the workers in each unit with bug windows with the Mountain View can assist the staff in handling stresses at work. Private rooms for every patient are very useful in giving them enough sleep, and possibility to have a rest; this, in turn, promotes their body to heal quickly. High-tech equipments for care providers, like equipment with silencers, and telephones that can be personalized, enhance efficiency in work. The provision of a sound-free environment to the patient, education concerning visiting hours, permitting the family to spend some time with the patient, and engaging patient in some additional activities also promotes faster healing. The culture of radical loving care based on Eric Chapmans philosophy is the other most important component in the healing hospital. It promotes the attainment of healing through a holistic process, which is achieved through treating physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The care provider is expected to give unconstrained care and love for the family and their patient in their darkest hour. This promotes the process of healing and quick revival. Putting these beliefs and values into practice in healthcare can create a more lucrative condition that exhibits altruism of the people taking care of the patient. Loving care is supposed to be given to the patients, their families, and the care providers (Eberst, n.d). While a healing hospital is of great use, there are challenges of creating a healing environment in light of the barriers and complexities that come along with it. The establishment of a healing hospital is mainly a combination of the present aspect of health system and the conventional concept of divine healing. With the advancement in the hhealthcare technology, the loving care seems to decrease. There is a tendency to focus on treatments, medicines, and invasive processes, like robotic surgeries. Physical healing seems to take a center stage, while the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient are neglected. There are unseen wounds in the lives of the patients that are not addressed. The business aspect of the industry in healthcare mainly dictates how care is provided to the patient. Expenses and costs become a great barrier to the healing hospitals. Discharge to patient is given out speedily for the purposes of cutting down the costs, and hence the welfare of the patient is n ot given much consideration. Radical loving care finally reduces. Bureaucracy is another challenge, as there is no dignity and respect for people. The field of healthcare operates, like a robot, and it is a hard condition to face. This is evident when patients share facilities and lack their own privacy. Again, cynicism becomes another challenge; instead of having hoped that everything will work out for the patient through loving care, people show cynicism. A failed leadership, where there is absence of facility care and the care of the staff, kills the hope of having a healing hospital. Care should be provided both physically, emotionally, and spiritually (Chapman, 2003) The biblical passage in Matthew 9:1-8 is a perfect example of what healing hospital means, and how it works. Jesus healed a man who was paralyzed. After seeing the faith that was in the patient, he forgave his sins and requested him to go home (The Holy Bible; King James Version). This case by Jesus shows the importance of guidance, authority and loving care of God. The main message in the essay is that healing is both physical and psychological process. Faith and prayer are the most effective ways, through which healing can be enhanced. Through this, we see the significance of the spiritual aspect of the process of healing. This is how a healing hospital connects with spirituality since absorption in the creative process is what brings healing to the patient (Luethje, 2009). Buy custom Healing Hospital A Brave Paradigm essay

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