Sunday, November 17, 2019

Computerized Enrollment System Essay Example for Free

Computerized Enrollment System Essay Improvement in computer world means the act of making new arrangement or style of doing work, activities, and processes efficiently, effectively and faster from the past, that brings convenient to the people. Improvement is an opportunity for every one and in any organizations, the researchers want to have a part in this improvement either it be great or small, if there’s opportunity to be a part of this improvement the researchers wants to grab this opportunity. In this present world, technology is growing faster specially computer technology, using this kind of technology, information can be view very fast as well as to make reports out of this records through printing. In a school, computerized schedule retrieval is a great help to students, faculty and staff in terms of retrieving schedules of a student, subjects, instructors, rooms, and specific section and use it for a specific purposes. Using this kind of system can contribute improvements to the school. Look more:Â  example of perseverance essay In making schedules manually, it will take a long process since the staff assigned to it should assure that there is no conflict of schedules between rooms and instructors. The personnel should assure that the instructor should have not exceeded to the maximum load. The personnel should also assure that the schedules of those students should be distributed in regular school days, for night classes schedules should be in night time, and for weekend classes schedules should be in weekend days. Because of this the personnel becomes tired and sometimes when the personnel reviews the schedules, conflict of schedules occur, and posting the new schedules of every room can’t be done. And in the side of the students, they get tired writing the subjects and schedules in the form during enrollment. And finding vacant rooms in a specific time takes a time, since someone should go around and look for a vacant room. The researchers were hoping to reduce the time spent in creating the schedules, without conflict schedules, to reduce the time spent in getting schedules during enrollment, to access easily the schedules of rooms to find vacancy. Background of the Study Creating and retrieving schedules is not an easy job. It requires patience and perseverance. Patience in assigning every subject to a specific instructor in specific rooms, assuring that every schedules of every subject should be distributed in regular days, the personnel assigned to do this job assures that in every regular days a students should have a scheduled subject. The personnel assures that there’s no conflict of schedules like having 2 classes in the same room and time and Instructor is handling two classes at the same time. Perseverance that even if the personnel were very tired, he/she still needs to review the schedules to assure that all schedules were complete and no conflict of schedule. Many students get tired in writing their schedules with the same information in 4 different forms in every semester and in irregular students they find it difficult to add a subject, assuring that the schedule of the subject will not be conflict to the subject that he/she has. When the instructor was trying to find a vacant room in a specific time the instructor needs to look for the posted schedule in every room to find a vacant room and it takes time and energy finding for vacant room in the entire building. And sometimes because there’s not enough time new schedule of every room will not be posted. Because of these problems the system will hopefully give a solution for these problems.

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