Friday, November 1, 2019

Pop-Culture Media Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Pop-Culture Media Critique - Essay Example make use of women as a way to attract gamers, toy and action heroes clones production that ultimately provides messages to girls from the young age that they have to dress up in the so-called Barbie manner etc. Director of the documentary has used footages of news bulletin where the subject of plastic surgery was most important and not the increasing inflation rate (Newsom, 2011). The patriarchy involved against the women has been well indicated in the film where young girls talk about intellect that is more associated with men instead of women. The documentary beholds the message that it is the era of capitalism that has highlighted and focused on the beauty and physical appearance of the girls rather than their achievements and skills. The political intervention is not the only concept on which the director has stressed in the documentary. Overall, it has successfully achieved it methods by using effective points such as talking about the plastic surgery (Newsom, 2011). The writer and director of the documentary, unlike other feminist documentaries, bestow the power of change among women instead of the circumstances and men. The documentary claims that the self-transformation method of change can bring results and it is only in the hands of women (Newsom,

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