Friday, February 15, 2019

Essay --

Marlene Cazahuatl 12/19/13F.D.R Senior Bullying is a hard issue many young kids in society go through. virtually of these children that face this issue many of which ar Latinos or from Hispanic descendent are the main ones who suffer from this. These kids are sometimes bullied on where they are from and what they are or what theyre not. The fact universe is that no one should tactile property intimidated by another person thats most likely the same age as them. Now a days the media play a huge role in uncovering the issue of bullying. The media makes us study on how bullying wasnt such a big issue as it is now in past generations. The Fact is that we should do what ever is in our hands to prevent more cases like these and not allow anyone to be a victim of someones aggressive behavior. According to reports from last year 2012, statistics depict that 1 out of 4 students from Hispanic descendent are being bullied in their schools, most of which are afraid of attendin...

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