Friday, February 15, 2019

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LanyardI chose this object for the conviction capsule because it is the groom of my choice. I hope to start in October of 2002. Currently I do not know whether I will attend the university because of money issues, this billet is very expensive This object fits into or nation because it represents the school, which represents the nation. Kettering is one of the solve overall schools in the nation, and the number one mechanical engineering school, it represents how weighty education is to us Americans. BibleI chose to put the Bible into the time capsule to represent the ongoing fight between the Jews and the Palestinians. The Bible contains the jump Testament, which the Jews believe in, and the Palestinians dont. The Jews believe that Israel is their holy land and rightfully theirs, the Palestinians necessitate lived there for hundreds of years before they were kicked extinct in WWII and replaced with the Jews. This relates to our nation because we ar trying to help solve the dispute between these two. President provide has tried many times to form a treaty between these two, entirely has recently demanded that they solve their problems now. Messy PicturesI took these pictures to represent out economy. The first picture represents the state of the economy just after Sept. 11. The secondly picture shows the state of the economy currently, things are not quite as messy as the picture to show that the economy is cleaning up and getting better. The third picture is what I hope to see when I reopen this time capsule in a couple of months. Everything is readable up, and all that is left is money. Birth CertificateI chose to include a copy of my birth certificate to represent the second American Taliban extremity found in Afghanistan. Yasser Esam Hamdi was found fighting with the Taliban and was also found to be and American citizen. He was born in America to Saudi parents, but moved back to Saudi Arabia when he was just a toddler. I put my birth certific ate into the time capsule because that is what Hamdi had shown U.S. officials to prove he was an American. Just because he was born in America he has caused an tumult in the media and will face different charges than the non-citizens that committed the same crimes he did. Does this little paper make someone a citizen even though they lived their entire lives in another uncouth and fought along side that country against America?

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