Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Death of Antigone :: Essays on Antigone

In Sophocles Antigone, Antigone axiom her action of burying her associate as a precisely one. It may not fork out been just in the eyes of Creon and the people of Thebes, but she was not concerned with the laws that mortals had made. Antigone byword the divine laws of the gods to be much more important than those of mortals. She felt that if she died dapple upholding the laws of the gods, that her after career would be better than if she had not. Our lives on this earth are so short, that to acquire a exhaustively afterlife over the horizon allow for make people go against the laws of humans.Early in the play, Antigone felt demise for her brother was a noble action. Death to her was not an ending, but a new beginning in a better place. Antigones family had been curse for ages dying was something that followed at their heels. The people of Thebes would always look at her with shadowed eyes. Her father, Oedipus, had caused these looks to be placed on her family forever. T hen her brothers killed one another on the same day her life in Thebes was not good. With such a bad life in Thebes, an honorable death must have looked very appealing to Antigone.In most societies, as well as Thebes, the afterlife is taught to be much more important than your mortal life. The trouble is that we do not know what is waiting on the other locating for us. Antigone thought that if she were to please the gods in her life that she could only expect good things in the afterlife. The burial of Polyneices was her ticket to a good afterlife. The afterlife is eternal, and life is just a small spec, compared to the time spent in death. Antigone welcomed death at the time of burying her brother she was not concerned with the consequences. She saw her actions as being true to the gods and religion. I myself pull up stakes bury him. It will be good to die, so doing. I shall lie by his side, attractive him as he loved me I shall be a cruel but a religious one. (Antigone, line s 81-85) To Antigone, the honor of her brother, and her family was all that was important. She may be going against Creon, but if her actions were true in her heart then the gods would see her in a good light.

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