Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Case 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Case 3 - assay ExampleSecondly, opera hat was inspired by the success of the Chegg book rental Company where he worked in course of his studies. Thirdly, the fact that there was no book Rental Company operating near the Campus where Beaver studied made Beaver to spot the opportunity of starting a books rental Company.Although there is looming changes and challenges in book rental industry, continued growing in the Beavers Company is still achievable. The undermentioned are the three main ways in which Beavers TXT Book Rentals send word avow exponential growth rate despite the imminent changes and challenges in the business. Firstly, the Company can maintain its exponential growth rate by giving gamy quality services to their customers to maintain its high growth rate, the Company should give better services to their customers than their rivals. Through the excellent services, therefore, the Company would be able to maintain high level of sales, thus maintaining its exponentia l rates. Secondly, the Company can maintain its high rate of growth by being innovate and coming up with new ways of change magnitude their sales for instance, the Company can come up with new innovate marketing strategies meant to reach to a greater extent customers, thus increasing sales. Thirdly, TXT Book Rentals can maintain its exponential rate of growth by diversifying. Although TXT Book Rentals was founded with the exclusive aim of renting books, there is nothing vilify with the Company diversifying and coming up with different services or products so as to boost its profits, thus maintaining its exponential growth rate.Going forward, the following should be TXT Book Rentals strategy. To begin with, condition the fact that the whole book industry is undergoing a rapid digital revolution, the TXT Book Rentals Company should not be left behind, but they should also join the digital

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