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McDonald's Advertising Campaign Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

McDonalds Advertising Campaign - destination Paper ExampleThe current Mcdonalds advertising draw is referred to as the Im lovin it campaign. This campaign extends to international borders and has been implement in virtually every advertising medium available at bottom the modern media climate. While many might have expected this advertising campaign to be developed by an American firm, in actuality it was constructed by an advertising agency located in Unterhaching, Germany referred to as DDB Worldwide communications Group, Inc. sooner than debuting the campaign in the United States, the Im lovin it campaign was debuted in Australia and that later passim parts of Europe and ultimately the United States. It seems in structuring the campaign in such a modality McDonalds was able to in a sense test out their advertising and fine-tune its conglomerate elements before debuting it in the larger Western markets. This strategy has a number of beneficial elements, namely that condesc ension pre-debut polling and surveys, the actual reception of the marketing campaign is not entirely discernable until after it is received within the public context as a result numerous logistical and thematic errors can be worked out before it ultimately hits the most pivotal Western market. When it finally did debut in the ground forces on June 29, 2003 it did so with a large amount of fanfare. During its debut the campaign slogan was accompanied by the music of Tom Batoy and Franco Tortora (Mona Davis Music) and vocals by Justin Timberlake. In including such a large name (indeed, Justin Timberlake was at the conduce of the pop culture world at the time of this campaign) allowed McDonalds to evidentiaryly establish their new message and severalise it from past advertising incarnations (Dicker 2010). In these regards, the debut functions as more than just a means of mechanical drawing significant attention to the product (which is one of the primary concerns), but it also fun ctions to draw attention to the significant shift in tone and message from previous McDonalds campaigns. This is important as it indicates that the campaign lots does not simply signify a renewed approach to advancement, but oftentimes represents a philosophic shift in the nature of nature of the companys vision. As advertising campaigns are implemented they oftentimes have been demonstrated to make subtle shifts within their production mechanisms. The McDonalds Im Lovin It campaign is ne exception in these regards. Despite debuting with one set slogan and approach to promotion as the campaign progressed new forms of presentation were included for instance, in 2007 a public casting chitchat was issued which resulted in nearly 15,000 applicants (The Latest from McDonalds). From this pool twenty-four were selected and integrated into the advertising campaign. These individuals images and themes of inspiration were implemented on McDonalds products throughout the world. This last m ethod was a highly effective means of fixture the campaign through becoming more directly involved in the customers perspective. Rather than simply relying on ad executives to determine what constitutes effective promotion, allowing actual customers to become involved functions to create a sort of raw and direct appeal to the audience. This method went beyond traditional television and print advertising, genuinely

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