Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Nature of perception Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nature of perception - Essay ExampleThis is because people of different background and predilection have to work together towards certain goals. Therefore an understanding of behaviour as displayed by individuals give help ensure that work is done with less friction and in turn increase workers productivity and effectiveness.Managers, by the proper use of this analytic tool can develop good working relationships with their conquers when the solvent of the analysis is applied. In truth this analysis is largely psychological with the motive to understand human behaviour.A proper understanding of human behaviour in organizations produces an environment wherein the employees carry out their duties efficiently and naturally too. An improper understanding on the other hand produces an environment where employees do solely work charge to them without discretionary inputs from them.While most managers believe that behaviour is a resultant effect arising from inherent disposition trait s and motivation, it may be accurate to say that behaviour is a function of the work environment that encompasses lead styles, management systems, social environment not forgetting workplace facilities and tools.The perception of many managers is that disposition controls the behaviour, but it is important to note that there is a distinction between who a person is and what a person does because it creates a moral burden where an employee does not perform and this non- surgery is erroneously attributed to his personality.There are various definitions and interpretations for inherent personality traits, a situation that makes it imperative to objectively define behaviour in terms observable features. It reduces the complexities baffling in dealing with personality issues and helps keep focus on the processes and their outcomes. A lot of ease is experience via this approach because attention is slotted to problem identification and solution, a case in which employees are more rel axed to wrangle issues more objectively. On the other hand things are made more complex when the focus is on changing an employees personality and motivation.A positive approach to perception in the behaviour analysis celestial orbit is to focus more on the performance on employee by superiors. This is best viewed from the angles of the work processes and results. Managers that involve their subordinate in talks about the line of direction of an organization and listens to them before taking actions and up organism well liked. A healthy work environment is promoted in this atmosphere.It is very important to understand the reasons why employees behave in certain views. This understanding ultimately aids in the quiet to change consequences translating alike in behavioural changes. A proper application of this understanding will help improve performance and yet enhancing cordial relations in the process.Negative approaches that include constant nagging and reminders will only produc e. Superficial changes that do not stand the test of time. Furthermore the wrong perception by employers or superiors breeds mediocrity as a result of organizational barriers like poor management and leadership practices. The feature that perception

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