Monday, June 10, 2019

Civilised Life and the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Civilised Life and the Environment - Essay ExampleThis brings in conflicts between the trust to have a civilized life and the maintenance of the innate environment. While mechanisms applied by engineers could likely help in handling continuous choice competition, no solutions argon offered to the running out ecological run. Most critical ecosystem services such as watershed filtration, climate stability, and soil fertility are not valued and thus as these natural resources are threatened, no technological ability is put in place to substitute ecological services at the costs and volumes needed. Life is increasingly surrounded and tied down by Technological schemes. Although modern science helps people to understand, control, and reform nature, the inappropriate enforce and development of technology lead to major negative impacts such as resource depletion, environmental pollution, and ecological destruction. Modern technology enriches improves living conditions and enriches mate rial life, further its rapid and strong power can result in ethical controversies like genetic modification, cloning, and nuclear weapons. These complicated matters are inevitable and challenge the online environmental maintenance. While all tend to consent that technology creates civilization and must be continually developed, opinions differ as to the way technology should be related to the environment. The idea that technology destroys the environment should not destruct our attention from the reality that developed and civilized countries are still major movers in environmental processes and have continuing responsibilities concerning the issue. Many of the most critical environmental problems faced by the modern world are not caused by industrialized countries. Additionally, emergent civilized artifacts and processes have a chance to shape the future of the environment as compared to the previous days. China for instance, is emerging as a new midst of recycling. It seems aw are of the opportunity they posses to initiate new technology under various conditions. Thee most pressing worldwide environmental problems are not of their making even they have a valid way to undo these issues by bending the recognizable curve that illustrates the relationship between technology and environmental degradation. Technology has been the nonpareil of the key drivers of environmental processes. For example, transport technologies have made the world more global and smaller planet, but have also led to new environmental stress, particularly through the raise in atmospheric carbon concentrations. Though the civilized processes have sped up prosperity in most cases, it has also permitted the stemma of natural resources such as timber, fish, metals, and minerals at unexpected rates. On the other hand, technological advances have allowed reduced environmental problems. Research shows that Chinas economic advancements go hand in hand with a comparatively lesser emissions than the earlier rates in North America and Europe because China has utilized technologies that are much cleaner than the other two were using at the same stages of creation. Automobiles are an important area when looking into the conflict between technological advances and environmental maintenance. Automobiles at present are cleaner in environmental terms than they were 30 or 40 years back. The

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