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Bruxism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Bruxism - Essay ExampleIn one study, it was found that the level of pressure exerted on the teeth, gums and joints is as high as three times the forces experienced during normal chewing (Castaneda, 1992 46). In the case of those individuals who experience bruxism primarily when theyre asleep, the condition may not be diagnosed until come up after complications arise, making it essential that the signs and symptoms of bruxism be creditd by dental practitioners as a means of reducing the level of damage.In learning to recognize the condition from a dental standpoint, it is important to note one of the primary symptoms of extreme bruxers is significantly worn down tooth tooth enamel. Instead of a white enamel c over, one often sees the more yellowish and softer dentin. The back teeth of some chronic bruxers often lose their cusps and natural contours, appearing instead flat, as if they had been functioned over with a file or sandpaper (Nissani, 2000a). This wearing down of the ename l has the obvious consequences of leaving teeth more vulnerable to cavity-causing bacteria requiring greater motivating for bridges, crowns, root canals, implants, partial dentures and sometimes even full dentures. In one study, more than 75 percent of observed implant fractures occurred in patients with signs and histories of chronic bruxism. Hence, in cases of untreatable severe bruxism, the use of implants is strongly counterindicated (Rangert et al, 1995). There are several other visible symptoms of bruxism as well. These include changes in appearance over time, as the teeth become shorter, bringing the chin and the nose closer together, and the overdevelopment of facial muscles, especially those most concerned with chewing.The causes of bruxism remain unknown. Stress is one important recognized component in the development of the disorder, but other considerations may also play a part. In very young children, the disorder has a tendency to work itself out

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