Saturday, June 8, 2019

Comparing into Battle Essay Example for Free

Comparing into Battle EssayComparing Into Battle with bounce Off, I find their poets attitudes be quite different. Grenfell who is poet of Into Battle thinks war is a splendid and noble thing, but Owens attitude is very clear and tot on the wholey different from Grenfells which is that war is evil and brutal. In order to convey their own attitudes and purposes, these cardinal poets all use different language styles and imagery. In the poem Into Battle, Grenfell uses lots of vocabulary of nature and spring as a background, these all help to show a harmony and sense which crease a peaceful tone to describe war, it is good for the reader to agree poets attitude. However, spring also is used in Spring Off, Owen makes a stark contraction between surviving in the war and new life in the spring landscape which surrounds troops. For Into battle, it uses pathetic fallacy positively to show its purpose. The sun gives him warmth, the Glowing earth gives him life, the light foot winds le nd him speed etc. these descriptions all let soldiers or even readers to feel vigour and power.In the last two stanzas, the poet also gives extra importance through the use of capital letters, like Destined Will is obviously some discriminate of supernatural force, as a kind of god or power of destiny. In the last section of this poem, there is a lot of figurative, as the hot moment and the thundering line of battle are metaphors to describe the heat and noise of the action. All these create a sense of heat and energy on the battlefield again and it matches his idea of the war.There are several powerful images in Spring Off too, which add to the strength of Owens description, such as buttercups and brambles are personified as explained above. This creates pathetic fallacy which Grenfell used as well and it strengthens the description. Moreover, the language which is used in the poem reflects the contrasts. At the beginning, descriptions all positive, words fed, carelessly slept a nd projecting all shows soldiers movements and suggests they are relaxed and comfortable. However, Owen uses but and shorter, sharper sounds of stood still and stark blank sky to creates contrast immediately.In Spring Off, Owen uses rhetorical question to ask wherefore the survivors don not speak of their dead comrades and talk of their glorious death and convey the massage of the poem which is that there is no glory in this war. These two poems all use natural elements in the poem to express their attitudes of war. Because of different attitudes, I can see that Spring Off is described in a negative way, and Julian writes Into Battle positively. Therefore, it makes two poems style and language and purpose all different.

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